Marius   Insuratei, Braila, Romania
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Read this before adding me !!

:flashoflightning: Real Name: Marius
:flashoflightning: Hobby: Football
:flashoflightning: My Favourite Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF2GGh_hWc0
:flashoflightning: Favourite Games: CS 1.6 / CS:GO / GTA / Fortnite
:flashoflightning: Age: 16.
:flashoflightning: Where I am From: Romania
:flashoflightning: Languages: Romanian, English
:flashoflightning: Want To Donate A CSGO Skin ? CLICK HERE
:flashoflightning: Subscribe to my youtube channel if you like my content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEyzpm6I1E07nOi_yLi5URQ?view_as=subscriber


:point: I'm trying to limit my friend list, so, if you wanna add me comment down below the reason for adding me.
:point: I'm not gonna accept you in my friend list unless you write your reason for adding me.
:point: Don't spam me with messages, invites or links I will not accept them.
:point: If you want to add me you need to speak romanian or english (Of Course).
:point: If you want to play together send me a message If I will not respond or accept don't try again !!!.
:point: Do not ask for money or csgo skins !!! I will block you instantly.
:point: I give free signatures just tell me in comments section.
:point: I don't accept players with Level 0 on Steam ! Excepting my friends.
:point: Don't try to scam me I am not IDIOT !

:repair_kit:My Setup :repair_kit:

:lavalamp: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 3.7GHz
:lavalamp: Memory: 1 TB HDD
:lavalamp: Ram: 16 Gb
:lavalamp: Gpu: Radeon RX Vega 8
:lavalamp: 4 Gb FullHD

:incdring:My peripherals :incdring:

:russtar: Mouse: Marvo G954
:russtar: Keyboard: IBOX Aurora K-2
:russtar: Headphones: NATEC Genesis Argon 500
:russtar: Mouse Pad: Marvo G13 (Green)
:russtar: Gaming Chair: NATEC Genesis SX77 (Blue)


:Pistolet: Discord: MariusBDR#9462
:Pistolet: Skype: @Marius. (Banned)
:Pistolet: Here on steam.

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