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Everyone needs to play this game, gamers and game developers alike. By turns hilarious, unnerving and poignant, all your years of gaming have led you to this point. Play it, Stanley.
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Natural Selection 2
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CHAO Apr 21 @ 1:02am 
Just spent the whole night playing portal, also managed to complete portal 2, as well as the first one, please go away, I would never think I can play a puzzle game.
At first, things looked quite simple, but as the game is built on the same engine HL2 is build on, its pretty similar in controls, but very different in the gameplay.
Well, the graphics are quite fascinating, expecially combined with the mindblowing portals and such an original game design.
Well, with that type of mechanics brought by Valve I am safe to say that both HL2 and portal are in fact monumental creations, that moved the gaming and game industry to a whole new level.
I admit, I was very wrong skipping those games, sorry.
CHAO Apr 20 @ 3:51pm 
Yeah, just completed HL2, yeah, I liked it, shut up.
The graphics werent bad at all, in fact not every game in modern days has that graphics
Music really packs up a punch when it comes to action, especially in the nova district. Sounds of gunfire are surprisingly satisfying.
The locations are huge, just like the variety of weapons is, I just loved the time I spent on the venicles.
Physics is just awesome, that gravity zero gun is such a useful toy.
Well, what can I say, for this game you really were right, this one has kept me in tension until the very last minute, so for this one, I admit, HL2 is one of the best games I have ever played, not to mention the fact of the diversity it has and the amount of action and epicness. That was a well-spent evening, moving on to portal.
CHAO Apr 20 @ 8:45am 
Ok, gonna torrent both portal and HL2 and play them, will write two text here about both games, so if they are good I'm not gonna buy them because I dont have a steam wallet anyway, if they are bad prepare to hear some hurtful truth about your "best games ever" :Terebilo:
SMiThaYe Dec 24, 2014 @ 1:45pm 
Hi Martigen, thought you'd like a better quality avatar and quickly knocked up a replicate, Merry Christmas :)
IcyDeadPeople Jul 21, 2013 @ 12:08pm 
Hi Martigen - thanks so much for the gift of Natural Selection 2 - you are the best! Can't wait to try it! Sorry I haven't been around much recently, been quite busy with work stuff.