Gediminas Jakutis   Kaunas, Kauno Apskritis, Lithuania
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· As a policy, not giving away any items/games to people I don't know well enough, so don't ask.

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· FAQ:
Q: "is it you in those photos?"
A: Yes.

Q: "do you really play all these games on GNU/Linux?"
A: Yes.

Q: "Where are you from, man? You surely can't be from that meme of a country you put your location as..."
A: I am exactly from there, actually.

Q: "Your name looks stupid! What does it even mean?"
A: it's a soname []

Big Iron Master Sensei
My spook deterrent

tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down
letting me down, letting me down, letting me down
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Main Box
· CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X;
· CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken x72;
· Motherboard: ASRock x470 Taichi Ultimate;
· Memory: 2×32 GiB G.Skill Trident Z Neo @ 3400 MHz DDR4;
· Graphics: [ASUS ROG Strix] AMD Vega 64;
· PSU: Corsair AX1200i [1200W];
· Storage: Samsung 970 Pro 512GB; 2×4 TB Seagate in RAID 1; WD Caviar Black 3TB;
· Audio: S/PDIF –> Panasonic SA-XR55 –> RRR surround speakers / ATH-M50x
· Monitors: Primary - Asus VG278H [27"; 120Hz]; Slave #1 - Asus VH226H [22"];
· Case: Fractal Design Define R6 TG Black;
· Input: Keychron Q1 + Razer Naga Epic;
· Other: Two NICs; Two extra Noctua 140mm fans;

Gentoo Funtoo Linux, next release channel
Kernel : 6.0.0-pf2
Graphics: Mesa 22.2.2

Last updated: 2022-10-22T20:05:20Z

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250 hrs on record
last played on Jan 24
665 hrs on record
last played on Jan 24
377 hrs on record
last played on Jan 24
Mavezel Jan 28 @ 4:01pm 
signed by me, lets play csgo
Ratchet, PhD Jan 26 @ 3:11am 
Who is They though?
the uh Jan 24 @ 2:05am 
Gediminas Jakutis
Ratchet, PhD Jan 22 @ 12:48am 
Trans-Inclusive Radical Mysoginist Jan 16 @ 3:13am 
what are you, a lockdownaphobic bigot?
Ratchet, PhD Jan 14 @ 3:25am 
Real lockdowns haven't been tried before