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Inquisitor looks old, plays like and a 90's RPG and will be spewing very long blocks of text at your face. If that doesn't turn your off, keep reading because there's much more to it than that.

You can kind of guess this game is going to take some time to finish from the get go and that impression would be right, I'm only around 20 hours in and there's a lot to do and a lot to see. In the first act, you're helping the local branch of the church to solve several cold cases of mysterious murders and unexplained disappearances, tracking down heretics and allies of the devil. The game takes the form of a really old school isometric RPG, not too dissimilar from Arcanum. You will be wandering into an original world mixing a middle-age central europe setting with medieval-fantastic aspects. Think "The Name of the Rose" meets "Lord of the Rings".

The game will have you speaking to a lot of people to fill your journal with information and clues and to collect evidence, picking and using skill from your character sheet, selecting and equipping spells and managing your inventory. While the mouse driven interface can get a little bit confusing, hiding some vital parts of your character sheet under what looks like very small tabs on a 1080p monitor, you can use (and definitely should learn) the keyboard bindings for most actions.

The variety of items you will come across is just mind numing. From potions and spell scrolls, to weapons and armors, all items have different levels of quality, need to be repaired and maintained in working order, and combined to ensure your survival against the spawn of the devil and the creatures of the wilderness.

The combat, while on par with the 90's tech powering the engine, is nothing really exciting and can get quite frustrating if you're trying to use skills and spells on top of your trusty sword. The special effects (confusion, blindness...) while incredibly creative, can be very off-putting to say the least.

What really sets this title apart from the modern games that pretend to be RPG's today is the writing. Sure there's a lot of it but it's both well written (or should I say translated) but is also engaging an immersive. It's likely that you will want to know more about the world... and the NPC's will be more than happy to tell you all you may want to learn. I found the conversations with certain characters to be rewards in and of themselves.

The music is nothing short of amazing, taking a really classical route with an early baroque feel, far removed from the generic post romantic and modern orchestral music. A choice fitting the universe in many ways.

It should be said that Inquisitor also does a better job at analysing the psyche of its character and reflecting some of the dark parts of the human condition much better than any other hipsterish indie non-game. Most of that exploration flows organically with the gameplay, the setting and the artistic direction of the game. Just for that I think anyone with a passing interest in character development in games should at least take a look at the first act of this game, just to see how to do it right.

I love this game and I would recommend it to anyone loving old-school RPG's, however, remember the introduction of this review, it might not be your thing and that's totally understandable.
Scrublord Mar 3 @ 9:26pm 
why not just make a ring that can let you NLP your way into smashing fresh elf puss
JumJim Feb 26 @ 9:42am 
Peter Jackson(author) is such a hack.
JumJim Feb 26 @ 9:41am 
Why not just forge a new ring that can control Sauron's master ring? It would be like a cold war arms race where Sauron just gives up and nobody gets hurt.
Marneus Feb 26 @ 5:05am 
“But they were, all of them, deceived, for another Ring was made. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged in secret a master Ring, to control all others."
JumJim Feb 26 @ 4:55am 
If the ring is so dangerous why did they make it in the first place?
Marneus Jan 26 @ 2:17am 
I do like to make my train run on time in factorio