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p.s. I do not want to trade, do not add me to trade at all.
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▬▬ι═══════════ﺤAbout me-═══════════ι▬▬

- I am a big hungry idiot aka a disgusting fat fur

- I will appear nice or fun to be around, but in the end, you might hate me

- I am 21 years old

- I am hella gay

- I will literally not shut up about Old First Person Shooters, so if thats not your cup of tea, then avoid me :em_heart:

▬▬ι═══════════ﺤMusic I can say Big Mood To-═══════════ι▬▬

- Voltaire - God Thinks

- Neppu - Dead End (PAYDAY 2 Inspired Music)

- Simon Viklund - Breath of Death (Jacket Edit)

- Voltaire - Almost Human


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