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Under One Wing is a funny, sometimes enthralling, medium to long (~40 hours if you run on auto at a moderate reading speed and listen out all voice lines - my steam time includes times when I was afk) classical dating sim, the first work of Japanese company Harmorise; it was localized by Sol Press. It's set in a fictional contemporary Japan where Gasoline/Kerosene is free (and presumably CO2 neutral) and mock air fights in old WW2 fighters/bombers are a school sport called Fairy Fights (FF), creating a quite unusual and interesting setting for the game. My review is for the 18+ Version - a free patch is available.

Our protagonist Junichi transfers to the academy where his grandmother had led the FF team of nation-wide fame. There he moves in at the dorm owned by his grandmother, together with five girls (one of them is not dateable) who decide to found an FF team.

During the common route (~15-18 hours) the very different characters learn to know each other while training for the preliminaries of the nation-wide FF tournament. There are various options which change only a few lines, in fact it's a kinetic novel so far.

Following the preliminaries, there's one option to chose a girl "to fly with" from the four dateable teammates, thus entering that girl's route, all of which again are kinetic. Correspondingly, the game offers only four good endings; there are no options in the routes.

The story never gets boring due to the well crafted multidimensional characters. The pacing is good, with well-placed highlights. Although the routes are very different due to the game being a dating sim, the devs took care not to create contradictions and also not to leave any untied threads or open ends. Everything I wondered about was eventually resolved, if not necessarily in the same route. The girls' background stories are all interesting and relatable and they also are endearing in quite different ways.

I played them in the order Hikary-Nahoko-Mimari-Kazusa and I think that was a good choice (assuming you play the obvious options or the girls you're most interested in last). The length of the individual routes is ~7 hours each under the conditions mentioned above, but fast-tracking most of the text in the h-scenes, some of which are very long - up to an hour if you run on full auto with 'wait for voices to finish'.

As mentioned above, the writing is good, and as usual Sol did a good job in their localization, although the use of colloquial slang phrases like "'Sup, dude?" is a bit too frequent for my taste and does not correspond to the Japanese original. You can also chose whether to use or omit Japanese honorifics (-san, -senpai, chan, -kun etc).

Technically the game is very well made, the text and auto speed settings are fine-tunable, although not at the level offered by e.g. Fruit of Grisaia. I would have wished for an option to set the voice volumes individually because one of the girls (Nahoko) tends to be louder than the others. Other than that, everything is inconspicuous.

The art is generally good enough, the sprites have a good number of poses and emotes, and the BG are mostly above average. The quality of the CGs, on the other hand, varies widely between categories: Technical (air fights, planes) CG are very good, as are most of the non-H CGs. In the H scenes there are some where the artist very obviously had problems with the chosen perspective and the precise position of certain parts of the human anatomy, which is astoundingly common in visual novels.

BGM is quite generic but unobtrusive. I liked the tracks with 30ies/40ies jazz. SFX are good and well placed, sometimes adding comedy to the scene.

The voice acting is mostly quite good, even minor side characters are voiced.

H scenes are long and very well written compared to the majority of the genre. In one case (Nahoko) I had to turn off the voice, which was very annoying (but only so in the H scenes).

Summary: Under One Wing is a rather long kinetic dating sim with 4 girls to date. It's well crafted, interesting and the localization is good. I found it very entertaining and it had the "one more chapter please" effect on me. It has everything you'd expect from a good contemporary vn, without major annoyances.
Worth its full price.
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