Maragi (ace defective)
bun   Garden City, New York, United States
Fluffy bunny here.

Private profiles will usually be ignored, but other than that I'm usually down to meet new people. :>

In general, I try to be a chill person.

I rp too, feel free to ask.

right them in the wrong hole
until they wanna blow
swimming in the great sea
a whale with you and me
making love like crustaceans
venting our frustrations
lying naked on the beach
until we heard a screech
turned out to be your mom
so then I moved to vietnam

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Nutalie Frost May 17 @ 7:16pm 
-rep he doesn't even have cupholders
{SCG} Thunder Rahja Mar 14 @ 11:04pm 
-rep killed my boner
{SCG} Rowsei Mar 14 @ 11:01pm 
buy my book
{SCG} Thunder Rahja Mar 14 @ 10:59pm 
Yalrak Bunny Mar 3 @ 5:44pm 
+rep Is a very :GoldenG::A::Y: :inqsbunny:
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