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That Guy Feb 16 @ 2:35am 
Anime isn't real you fucking losers. Save your love for the real world. Stop acting like anime is real or better then real life. You're going to be sad and alone if you do nothing but watch anime. Nothing wrong with being antisocial but damn. Some of you weebs take everything too far. Why're you collecting foreign weapons you don't know how to use? That's red flaggy. Put you on a watch list when your clumsy ass sloppily cuts up your grandma cause she wouldn't buy you your narutos. Life is stressful, life is hard, there are times where everything and everyone sucks and I'm miserable. But I don't want to spend my life trying to escape or avoid my hardships and problems. Cause then I'll end up living an empty life. Never making friends. Never finding love. Never accomplishing anything.
That Guy Feb 16 @ 2:34am 
As a console player, I can clearly identify that this still profile has way too many frames per second and is really just using more computing power than it needs to to deliver the optimal autistic experience.
Uncle Allah Jan 31 @ 10:57pm 
+Rep agreed on our wedding fuck Osiris
[RI0T] Pelican Jan 31 @ 10:52pm 
+rep thank me later, that jew was gonna backstab us for sure.
Uncle Allah Jan 1 @ 8:28am 
What’s a Jewish Pokémon family called. ASH
[RI0T] Pelican Dec 23, 2017 @ 5:11am 
Wow. Luckily I remember to properly give my slaves 1 grain of rice everyday so they don't become useless starved animals!