Jan   Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
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About me:

- My name is Jan, my Nick is Mana ^^
- I'm male and currently 21 years old
- I live in the cold windy north of Germany
- I've been doing MMA for 5 years, stopped spring 2017
- Since beginning of Summer 2016 I'm doing my best to stay fit
- I don't care about looking lean, I just go for exercises that fulfill an all-day move or ease any moves at different sports
- I'm playing the acoustic and electric guitar for over three years, before those I played the Saxophone for 2 years
- I speak german (natively) and english quite fluently
- I'm a secret member of KKK but don't tell it around... It's secret

Game Facts

- I currently mainly play Rocket League
- In Rocket League I'm mainly playing Octane

Gaming Gear
- Steelseries 6Gv2 Keyboard (Mechanical)
- Logitech G400S Gaming mouse (The best I had)
- Steelseries QCK+ Mousepad
- Sony Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller
- HyperX Cloud2 Headphones
- Tonor Bm-700 Microphone
- LG 24GM77 144Hz Monitor

- Gigabyte GA Z270-HD3P
- Intel Core i5-7600K CPU
- 16 Gigs RAM
- MSI GTX 1050 Ti X 4G
- Samsung 128GB SSD
- Western Digital 1TB HDD

Funny Conversations

"Is' heute noch Samstag?" - IroNHawK
"Ja, NOCH ist Samstag" - Mangraphic
"Ok, warte, bin kurz auf Klo" - IroNHawK

"Is today still saturday?" - IroNHawK
"Yes, it's still saturday" - Mangraphic
"Ok, wait, im going to the toilet" - IroNHawK

If there are any questions, feel free to ask ^^
Have a nice day ^^
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