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Personal Achievements

Kanji Seeker

Collect 25 unique Kanji
0 / 25

Kanji Lover

Collect 75 unique Kanji
0 / 75

Kanji Master

Collect All Kanji
0 / 333

Fast Ninja

Finish 15 unique levels under partime
0 / 15

Welcome to Hell

First Death In Master Class


Evade 10 Sniper Bullets using Dash
0 / 10

Bloody Rampage

Finish 10 levels while killing all enemies
0 / 10

Can’t Touch Me

Finish 10 levels without getting hit
0 / 10

Smartass Ninja

Kill a Rocket Launcher using its own Rocket

Ironic Ninja

Finish 10 levels without killing enemies
0 / 10

No Place for Horners

Kill 10 Horner Enemies before Calling more Enemies
0 / 10

Greedy Ninja!

Get 500 orbs
0 / 500

All Orbs are Mine!

Get 2500 orbs
500 / 2,500

Last Remnant

Escape from Dojo

Catching the Rat

Catch Onobo the Crow

Faithful Apprentice

Free Master Shiro

No Country for Robos

Defeat Kiamoto

End of the Fear

Defeat Akuma

Rise of the Shadow

Escape from Dungeon

Path of the Ninja

Bring order to the world

Good Student

Clear a level with S rank

Super Ninja

Clear all levels in normal difficulty with S rank

Challenge Accepted

Finish a Shadow Challenge

Passing all the tests

Finish all Shadow Challenges

Path of the Shadow

Clear all the Hardcore Levels

Path of the Maestro

Clear all the Master Class Levels

Assassin with different tastes

Kill one from all type of enemies

Blood Seeker

Kill 100 enemies
0 / 100

Throne of Blood

Kill 250 enemies
100 / 250

Stealthy Bastard

Perform 50 Stealth Kills
0 / 50

Sniper Ninja

Kill 100 enemies with Shuriken
0 / 100

I Am Creative

Make a level and share

I Am The Architect

Make 5 levels and share


Kill 10 enemies using Sticky Bombs
0 / 10

Blade of Shadow

Get all achievements

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