Major Mittens.
I enjoy working with computers, I enjoy working with servers, I like to run a server or twenty.
In addition, mechanics/carpentry be good too
Major Mittens []

I have a website which'll lead you here.

I'm generally a helpful guy, if you need help with anything leave a comment and send a friend request and I can get back to you.

I work early morning to late afternoons, on occasion I get enough time to play something.


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It's not something you'd spend alot of time on.

edit: still not something you'd invest time into.
edit edit: I think you need to buy it, the hours I've invested have been well spent.
edit edit edit: What're you waiting for? buy it.

edit x4, you bought it yet?

edit x5, good game
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Welcome to Flying Monkeys In Space.
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Little Wolf Feb 26 @ 5:39am 
Every good troublemaker needs a good wingman. There were days I thought I was a troublemaking lone wolf in the plains of pure existence that could take on the world with a torch in one paw and a gun in the other. Soon, after realization striked me hard right in the back of the head leaving me to wake up 30' down under. I came to realize that I cannot take on this world alone. No one can hear my whines or come to my rescue if I am alone. With that said, I made an urgent decision that I need a wingman. Not just any cup of the joe wingman that I can find randomly strolling about, but the best of the best kind of wingman that will always have my back no matter what. So, I nose in a friend who I can trust. This friend is equipped for the most struggling of environments from off-roading to pure insanity combat. It doesn't take long to realize that this person, Major Mittens of clan Co.Uk is truly the best person qualified for the job. God bless the Mittens and God bless Steam. :wolf_swag:
Apr 3, 2021 @ 6:32pm 
MITTENS ... I miss playing with ya! :fcp_wolf:
Kharos Dec 29, 2020 @ 3:24pm 
+rep, quite friendly, helped with server, real chad
SargeTheSnail Oct 26, 2019 @ 12:32pm 
Hey Man i truly appreciate your help, i was ready to give up and you came and did it in a mater of minutes. Server been working like a charm now!
10/10 would recommend!