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Ignoring all invites without proper comment why you add me.
I don't accept trade offers wih 15 days trade hold.
See trade infos below.
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My trade offer URL

Before you trade please be sure...
your profile must be public.
change "profile status" and "inventory" to public and remove the checkmark from "Keep your Steam Gift inventory private"
your payment items (TF2/CS:GO keys, TF2 tickets etc.) must be tradeable.
If you bought it from the steam market you have to wait 7 days.
Steam Market links: TF2 key - Tour of Duty Ticket - CS:GO keys

you have mobile authenticator and trade confirmations enabled
How to set up a Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator
Steam Guard FAQ
Steam blog "Security and Trading: Update"
If you don't have a mobile phone, you can use Steam Desktop Authenticator []

How to trade with my bot
Link to my bot []
1. Click the green "Sign in through steam" button and sign in
2. If you log in the first time, you have to provide your trade offer URL. The bot needs it to send you a trade offer. Link to your trade offer URL:
3. Select the game/item you want, so its blue marked
4. Select the payment type under "Items to pay"
5. Make sure you have the exact amount of items in your public inventory,
and the items must be tradeable.
6. Click "Purchase" in the bottom right corner, then "Proceed"
7. My bot will send you a trade offer immediately.
You have 3 minutes to accept the trade, then it cancels.
8. Untradeable games: Accept the trade offer with the payment first, then a bot " delivery" adds you.
After accepting the friend request you get the game.
9. Please rate the trade on my steamtrades feedback site []
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_Jesterfull_Bird_Medic_ Apr 18 @ 6:51pm 
+rep good trading and fast
느낀다 Apr 2 @ 11:10am 
+rep fast trade
느낀다 Apr 2 @ 4:49am 
SpaceDude 👽 Apr 1 @ 1:45pm 
hello, just adding some new friends from the 1000+ games group (OP's VIP Collectors) :)
Guns Mar 21 @ 11:28pm 
5 keys tf2 for plague inc evolved is ok ?
Added to request for a order of the game Factorio for a few of my friends as you've one in stock right now