Andrew A.   Warren, Michigan, United States
General: 22, ISTJ, Heterosexual, Nonconforming Male, Closet-Tranny ✿⌒‿⁓
Physical Traits: Left-Handed, Double-Jointed, Flat-Footed
Education & Work: High School Diploma, Attending Community College, Unemployed--Volunteer Work on Forums
Societal & Political Views: Nonconformist, Freethinker, Skeptic, Mix of Liberal & Conservative
Interests/Hobbies: Video Games, Computer Maintenance, Internet Browsing, Live Streaming, Crossdressing, Images with Anime Art Styles, Anime Traps, Maids & Fairies, Cereal
Games: Nintendo Games (primarily Mario Kart Wii), Old PlayStation 2 Games
Music: Metal, Modern Rock, Electronic Dance Music, Trailer Music, Video Game Music
Shows & Movies: RWBY, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon from 1990-2010, Old Disney, Old Pixar, Star Wars, Transformers
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