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Job Security

You will never be let go.
Unlocked Jul 2, 2018 @ 2:42pm

Flat-pack Factory

Solve "Training Routine 1" with a solution that is only one block tall.
Unlocked Jul 2, 2018 @ 4:31pm

Save the Whales

Save a "whale" from an unfortunate end.

Lemming Party

Throw a "lemming" party.

Subversive Engineering

Solve any puzzle in over 10,000 cycles.

Optimization (Training Routine 1)

Solve "Training Routine 1" with a footprint of 50 or less.

Optimization (Training Routine 5)

Solve "Training Routine 5" in 85 cycles or less.

Optimization (Wave Detection Array)

Solve "Wave Detection Array" with a footprint of 100 or less.

Optimization (Guided Javelin Type 1)

Solve "Guided Javelin Type 1" in 210 cycles or less.

Optimization (Small Excavator)

Solve "Small Excavator" with a footprint of 135 or less.

Optimization (Cargo Uplifter)

Solve "Cargo Uplifter" in 140 cycles or less.

Optimization (Oversight Terminal Model 6)

Solve "Oversight Terminal Model 6" with a footprint of 95 or less.

Optimization (Furnished Studio Apartment)

Solve "Furnished Studio Apartment" in 130 cycles or less.

Optimization (Gneiss Chair)

Solve "Gneiss Chair" in 225 cycles or less.

Optimization (Anti-javelin Point Defense)

Solve "Anti-javelin Point Defense" with a footprint of 255 or less.

Optimization (Terrestrial Drone)

Solve "Terrestrial Drone" with a footprint of 300 or less.

Optimization (Aerial Combat Shuttle)

Solve "Aerial Combat Shuttle" in 320 cycles or less.

Power Couple

Solve "Shuttle Propulsion Units" with a solution that contains only two welders.

Workshop Master (Level 1)

Solve 5 puzzles from Steam Workshop.
0 / 5

Workshop Master (Level 2)

Solve 10 puzzles from Steam Workshop.
0 / 10

Workshop Master (Level 3)

Solve 20 puzzles from Steam Workshop.
0 / 20

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