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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Sep 27, 2016 @ 5:15am

Tango Down

Kill 50 Infected
Unlocked Sep 27, 2016 @ 5:22am

Red Sea

Kill 200 Infected
Unlocked Sep 27, 2016 @ 5:17am


Finish a Gauntlet
Unlocked Sep 27, 2016 @ 3:54pm

Achievement Unlocked

Complete a Gauntlet Achievement
Unlocked Sep 27, 2016 @ 3:58pm


Open the cells, Gauntlet: Brock and Dave
Unlocked Sep 27, 2016 @ 3:54pm

I love you

Read the bloody love letter, Gauntlet: Brock and Dave
Unlocked Sep 27, 2016 @ 4:05pm


Reach Level 5


Kill 500 Infected


Kill 1000 Infected

Experienced Survivor

Play 5 Gauntlets

Professional Survivor

Play 10 Gauntlets

Epic Survivor

Play 20 Gauntlets

Better than Rusty

Get 10 Bronze Stars of better

Gold Star

Get 5 Gold Stars or better


Get a Platinum Star


Publish a Gauntlet

Faster Faster FASTER!

Get 5 Speedy Achievements

Cant touch this

Get 5 Untouchable Achievements

Catch me if you can

Beat a Gauntlet with 0 damage taken

They didnt even see me

Beat a Gauntlet in under 60 seconds

Alpha tester

Participated in the Early Access. Also unlocks if you have all other achievements so you can get 100%


Reach Level 10


Reach Level 20


Reach Level 50

Event manager

Publish a Gauntlet containing 10 Events

Face my book

Visit Endless Loop Studios Facebook

Twitter twatter

Visit Endless Loop Studios Twitter

Bragging in 140 characters

Post your score on Twitter

Get on my level!

Post your score on Facebook

Automatic firepower

Build a Gauntlet with 2 Sentry Guns

Event obsessed

Place 50 Events

Light emitting diodes

Place 20 LEDs

You call that a challenge?

Beat 5 Challenges

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Beat 10 Challenges

I can do it all

Beat 20 Challenges

Who needs practice!

Get a Platinum star on your first try

Hidden away

Open the drawer, Gauntlet: Tutorial

Light em up!

Light up the LED, Gauntlet: Tutorial

Nothing inside

Activate the Electric Door, Gauntlet: Tutorial

It works!

Turn on the Machine, Gauntlet: Grabber Machine


Get trapped, Gauntlet: Trailer Gauntlet

Ready for anything

Equip all Survivors with Eveys, Gauntlet: Trailer Gauntlet

First try

Get the code right on the first try, Gauntlet: Darkness

Knowledgeable man

Read all the research logs, Gauntlet: Darkness

Mission Impossible

Get past the lasers without taking damage, Gauntlet: Darkness

Gear up!

Equip all Armory weapons within 45 seconds of opening it, Gauntlet: Snow Outpost

Always prepared

Take no damage before opening the Armory, Gauntlet: Snow Outpost

Light up the way

Follow the lights in less than 2 minutes, Gauntlet: Snow Outpost

Basic but does the trick

Get 100 kills with a Gordon
61 / 100

Incremental upgrade

Get 150 kills with a Creedy
0 / 150

My trusty hand cannon

Get 200 kills with a Vendetta
91 / 200

Automatic beats Semi-Automatic

Get 200 kills with a Sutler
0 / 200

It never jams!

Get 500 kills with a Finch
99 / 500

The most powerful rifle!

Get 1000 kills with a Evey
0 / 1,000

Always back for more

Clear 10 Daily Challenges
0 / 10


DONT DEAD OPEN INSIDE, Gauntlet: The Great Escape

Not so secret

Find the super-secret-not-so-secret area, Gauntlet: The Great Escape


Get past the laser gates in 30 seconds, Gauntlet: The Great Escape

Secret Room

Found the Secret Room, Gauntlet: The Great Escape Lite

Button masher

Open the Gate on the first try, Gauntlet: The Great Escape Lite

Quick thinking

Take no damage while running towards the Sentry Guns, Gauntlet: The Great Escape Lite

For home defense

Find the neighbours Dascomb, Gauntlet: Mike and Kenny


Find the hidden Eveys, Gauntlet: Brock and Dave


Defuse the bomb, Gauntlet: Material Gathering

Puzzles dont faze me

Navigate the lasers without being hit, Gauntlet: Material Gathering

Sonar is useful

Use the Sonar 10 times, Gauntlet: Material Gathering

Quick thinking

Survive the first Poison Fog without taking damage, Gauntlet: Base Building


Deploy all Gadgets, Gauntlet: Base Building

Karate Chop

Break 2 Cement Bags into Bricks within 2 seconds, Gauntlet: Base Building

Needle in a haystack

Find the Red Key, Gauntlet: Routine Scavenging

Master Survivor

Survive until the last day, Gauntlet: Routine Scavenging

Training pays off

Train a Survivor to the max, Gauntlet: Routine Scavenging

Oh I get it!

Beat Editor Challenge 7

Event Master

Beat Editor Challenge 20

Blip Blop Bloop

Get over 10 score, Gauntlet: Flappy Survivor

Got it

Found the Mysterious Vial, Gauntlet: Desert Survival


Kill 500 Infected, Gauntlet: Weapon Achievement Gauntlet

Need Air Support

Call in 5 Air Strikes, Gauntlet: Survivors Vs Zombies

A Warm Welcome!

REALLY?! We just arrived here!, Gauntlet: Safe Haven

The Sleeping Dead

Dude can you wake u-- Never mind. Stay dead!, Gauntlet: Safe Haven


Wait! You found the Red Key?! Better collect your prize..., Gauntlet: Safe Haven


Deploy 2 Sentry Guns, Gauntlet: The Complex

Maxed out

Get everything on max level, Gauntlet: The Arena

Master Crafter

Craft 6 weapons, Gauntlet: The Arena

Quick Cuts

Deal more than 150 damage to Survivors in the first 90 seconds, Gauntlet: Infected Mastermind


Loot every container, Gauntlet: Daily Scavengers