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Personal Achievements


Complete the game in Easy mode
Unlocked Jul 21 @ 2:43pm

Sad ending

Complete the game with the sad ending
Unlocked Jul 21 @ 2:43pm


Achieve a 100 hit combo
Unlocked Jul 19 @ 1:28pm


Use an enemy to knock down another 5
Unlocked Jul 20 @ 1:23pm


Empty a cartridge clip without any random shot
Unlocked Jul 20 @ 1:08pm


Get gnawed by 5 rats at the same time
Unlocked Jul 12 @ 9:36am


Get through the sewers without raising a hand to a pig
Unlocked Jul 12 @ 9:38am

Radio silence

Leave the train without letting the inspectors call for backup
Unlocked Jul 19 @ 2:25pm

Good master

Keep the Gimp alive
Unlocked Jul 20 @ 1:10pm

The cleaner

Kill 40 riot policemen as you cross the main square
Unlocked Jul 20 @ 1:27pm

True Warrior

100% complete the game


Complete the game in Normal mode


Complete the game in Hardcore mode

I had a dream

Complete the game with the happy ending


Achieve a 200 hit combo


Achieve a 500 hit combo


Complete a level without being hit

Hand job

Complete a level without using any weapon

I'm clean

Complete a level without taking any Nekro

Ain't no cheese

Get through the sewers without being bitten by a rat

Angel keeper

Escort the prisoner without letting him take any hit

The snake

Defeat the Prison Governor without being hit by a sniper

It's sharp

Defeat the Dealers' leader without ending up under the harvester

War never changes

Reach your destination without being hit by a grenade

Do not cross the rails

Defeat the Government officer without being hit by a train

The claw!

Defeat the Butcher without being hit by his claw

King of the road

Cross the boulevard without being hit by a motorbike


Complete the arena in less than 5 minutes

The one

Get through the hall without being hit by the chopper

Not today

Complete a level without anyone on the team being killed


Complete a level without hitting any ally


Complete a level without letting anyone on the team get hit

Don't play with knives

Successfully hand a knife to your ally