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ya thats just my steam libery.. not Uplay/Orgin/epic/ Galaxy... and a few others here and there..
Originally posted by cSg|mc-Hotsauce:
Licenses page...

And here...

But the beta Library does keep free games even when uninstalled now.

beta client finally has it nice..

I just raged quit my current install after non-stop BSOD so I formated all 31TB of space and need to reinstall all 5500 + games from steam again.../rip internet connection for the next 6 months
with out having to "search" for them since they do not show up in the users librey

I just formated and wonder if I missing something on how to track down all the "free" games I prevousely had installed

minus audio because reasons... that was a odd bug I had during recording..

64GIG DDR 3000
AMD Radeon Vii 16 GIG..

the max graphics, Frames atm speak for them selfs here.
Aug 28 @ 11:17pm
ya I can acutally play on my VII, from 20-80 stutter mess to 144+ fps ...
Aug 28 @ 11:16pm
In topic Experimental Branch 23/08
how aobut a fix for the missing "join random session" for online play ... because ya...
Aug 15 @ 7:49pm
In topic Unable to join Online sessions,
mine shows up no-were to be found
Aug 15 @ 2:18pm
In topic Vulkan vs OpenGL
If your on NV Vulkan runs like ♥♥♥ and get off the exprement branch

if your on AMD Vega/RX then get on Expermental branch and get off OpenGL..

some one that's runnign a radeon VII vulkan flyes at a constaint 144 fps... on openGL it tanks to 20fps

in the long run OpenGL for all games, not just NmS needs to die off... devs have to stop using a really old aand broke API for graphic calls/cells
Aug 15 @ 2:15pm
In topic Unable to join Online sessions,
Unable to join friends, as well as the Join Random session button/prompted is completely missing in the online list/menu..
for anybody that didn;t know the bug for out side the reserve was placing a tent out side the boundies and have the game spawn you back into that same tent.. once u swpaned once back inside a tent that was out side the map.. u were able to go anywere
I no longer can travel out side the maps... sad face.. I will extreamly miss doing this... It was a lot of fun just stumbling into random things out side the reserves
Jul 14 @ 10:03pm
In topic What makes this game worth 60 bucks?
the achevement that says 100 Hours played

60$ for a 100+ hour rpg sound right..

for my self this is kind of dispointing though, I personally don;t like to put more then 20ish hours into any single play game... 40 is streeching it ,imo... so 100 is like how has the time for that..
Originally posted by FireShark:
They aren't saying this game has been cracked, they are saying Denuvo 6.0 has been cracked, which it has.

And then suddenly this has a sale after only month since release...

hmmmm ...well I guess time will tell if the game gets it..

however a sale after 1 month is no supprise.. Tomb raider had a sale liek 2 weeks after releases..

this is kind of the norm I say...

the only peace of software I NEVER see a sale on is Windows 10 (any version here) (legit sales, not key re-salers scaming keys)

would it kill MS to give 90% off WIndows 10 pro for workstations... like come on...
also a good place to fact check games stats @ https:// crackwatch .com/game/ octopath-traveler

https :// crackwatch .com

**this isn't a site for cracks.. just for stats regarding titles..
Just wonder how dose one like my self get the "new title" since I already own the orginal one ??
Apprenttly I didn't save Pro and "fast forwording the entire game just to get the "perfect ending" is kind of a pain,

so if anyone has a save file right before that achevement unlocks would be nice to have
Jun 29 @ 5:34pm
In topic .
FYI u get multi-badges.. I have Corgi and Rabbit badge now.. because why not..

so its a extra badge and 100 xp..but most importently a extra badge..
Jun 29 @ 5:23pm
In topic Steam level is dead
steam lvl was dead even before it came how ever its uncapped so its just as before.. get as high as u can regardless how u do it.. so in that case, steam lvl isn't really dead.. its still a race between your self and the badge lvl number u have..

as for crafting badges that too isn't dead since it also a race between youself and the badge collector number... you'll still keep crafting badges because you not nafter the xp but the overall badge level number..

steam profile is nothing but a number game, (steam lvl, badge numbers, games, achevements, dlc, friends, ect its all a number game..

everything u do on steam has a number linked to it..
Jun 29 @ 3:01pm
In topic BUG : Points VS Max VS claimable
i mean its only a pointless even and I useing all the tokens to boost badge for kicks and giggles but ya
also same bug I could boost a extra 4k but I can't
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