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less then 10 BOUGHT games.. Free 2 play dose not count
Less then lvl 10 on steam LVL
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Ill be activily updating this review as develment contiunes.

for his second game, its amazing soo far..

The voice acting is a step up over major/minor
The story line is a lot more intreging,
the added point in click (find hidden object game style) adds a little bit more to the title then just being a standard Visual Novel
Chooses MATTER.. like a lot more then it did in Major/minor, So much so I glad I have a habbit of saving all the times.. I must have reloaded a prevous save over good 6 times in wondering if I made the best choose for a first time run....

On that note expect a good 3-5 hours of reading, ect for the first ACT in the game.. took me about 4.3 hours to finish the entire first ACT with all steam achevemnts unlocked (im offically farming for the rest of the cards atm so please don't take my total game time at face value)

I also notice that the entire first ACT is not voiced over. no thats not a bug.. thats just early access telling you the game isn't complete and in this case the first ACT is also not 100% complete (voice over that is)

Warnning ::

The Game cards, emoticons, and backgrounds will be worth more then the acutally game, becuase furries... (and because of his first game, the steam flufff was/is worth more then the game it self..)

so far Furry/10..
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KnightAvenger (∞Kawaii) Jul 6 @ 6:19pm 
Wishing you a relaxing weekend. ^^ :steamhappy:
unknown Jul 3 @ 11:30am 
+Rep Great trade! Cheers bro :steamsalty:
Fnatic.d3a7h 死 Jun 17 @ 6:51am 
+Rep. Great trader, patient and trustworthy :)
SleepyWalker Jun 15 @ 10:48pm 
+Rep Another great trade!! thank you very much! :chocola:
KnightAvenger (∞Kawaii) Jun 15 @ 5:55pm 
Have a relaxing weekend. ^^ :steamhappy:
KnightAvenger (∞Kawaii) Jun 8 @ 5:36pm 
Have a happy, relaxing weekend. ^^ :2017cat: