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:starsandstripes:owner of shitty nexon video games and owner of madbluntz:starsandstripes:
nerds getting btfo'd :B1: get owned nerd :B1:

part 1 of the autism corner below the autistic kid war memoral, part 2 is the infobox

autistic kid war memorial

This poor souls could not be helped with their autism and video game addictions and are doomed to be inprisoned, killed, or worse--never get a life, ever, here is an example of what happens when you don't get treatment for your autism - , look as this man is apart of the shitty video game server clan "The Divinity". He has died due to video game addiction.


Aard Behaard 9 minutes ago
+Sheogorath halglaugbha
It's not crying, it's making you aware of your own stupidity

Aard Behaard 10:43 AM
+Sheogorath halglaugbha
I do not care, I would take that corner any day over the stupidity corner you aquired

Aard Behaard 10:46 AM
+Sheogorath halglaugbha
Give my a third if you'd like, you still lost this discussion without your unfounded and hillariously stupid comments

Aard Behaard 37 minutes ago
+Sheogorath halglaugbha
You're the worst troll I've seen in a week.

Try harder.

Stevie Boy™ 3 minutes ago
good thing to know you have the attention span of a rat, you filthy degenerate. go back to call of duty.

Higgeldy Piggeldy 9:56 PM
+Sheogorath halglaugbha That explains your ignorance and your lack of a life. Go drown in piss, mate XDXDXD

Higgeldy Piggeldy 10:01 PM
+Sheogorath halglaugbha I don't even know why I bothered with you, you're a troll... I feel unclean now. Please destroy yourself later so I can feel whole again.

Higgeldy Piggeldy 10:04 PM
+Sheogorath halglaugbha Ouch XDXDXDXDXD I have a feeling you and Bong are the same person, you speak exactly the same... You are a sad person XD

Higgeldy Piggeldy 10:10 PM
+Sheogorath halglaugbha I can feel the butthurt through the screen lad... Are you crying?

Higgeldy Piggeldy 10:13 PM
+Sheogorath halglaugbha Is that all you can say? "Autism, retard, fag" is that all you learnt as a kid? Eh, sod it. I shouldn't be talking to you anyway, you're just a waste of space XDXD

epic liampaul 11:16 PM
+Sheogorath halglaugbha Yeah, no, I don't believe you. Your story is bullshit. Good night.

Suicidejockeyshifter mcgee 2:45 PM
+Sheogorath halglaugbha boy, you must have your head screwed on backwards, shoved up your ass and sideways huh boy? I'm white. I must say your a disgrace to your own kind. disgusting, ignorant, racist bigot. Grow the fuck up and except the fact that everyone is from somewhere else you dirtbag.

Da Feel Mar 18 @ 11:18pm
akoze niesme az taki zli (not apart of chat: translate this for big meme)
plus moja fotka nie mala bit smiesna
bola to iba otaska nieviem preco to tak berez vaznie

Tyler Herrbach Yesterday 11:22 PM
+what is real life? I literally screenshot this conversation & am saving it for the internet's most saltiest user awards. I'm glad you're my first nominee.
(this was after he spammed me with like 40 fucking messages being a little spergbaby)

(TheOtakuComrade is some autistic faggot who praises the USSR and is a weeaboo, the other person is me)

man saves baby welded to bottom of car 2 hours ago
+TheOtakuComrade nice erp nerd

TheOtakuComrade 1 hour ago
I speak in English.

And I thought that "nerd" wasn't associated anymore to an insult from 2007

man saves baby welded to bottom of car 1 hour ago
+TheOtakuComrade ok nerd
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pastebin for whatever fucking reason decided to delete a bunch of the full chats, so enjoy the highlights/what I was able to restore

I accidently let this person into madbluntz

9:24 PM - founder of : hl2rp is communism
9:24 PM - founder of : darkrp is fascism
9:24 PM - founder of : they're both bad
9:24 PM - founder of : but ones worse obviously
9:25 PM - Andy.Bᅚ: i believe that
9:25 PM - Andy.Bᅚ: darkrp is worse
9:25 PM - Andy.Bᅚ: communism is better than facism tbh.
9:25 PM - founder of : 115 million deaths to 40 million?
9:25 PM - founder of : are you fucking retarded
9:25 PM - Andy.Bᅚ: communism ideology is good.
9:25 PM - Andy.Bᅚ: fascism is mostly based of off racism

autistic muslim spergs out and dies
5:10 PM - bErRy: All atheists believe in evolution, which means they don't believe in morality and think we should all act like animals.
5:11 PM - bErRy: atheism cannot explain the origins of the universe, therefore God exists.
5:11 PM - bErRy: Atheists have more mental and physical health problems than ... This is attributed to theists having something more to life for. Therefore, God exists.
Countries with large numbers of atheists have higher suicide rates, therefore atheism makes you want to kill yourself. makes sense
atheists question why evil exists since God is good, but don't ask why good exists if God isn't real.

pastebin lost

INTRODUCING A SPERG SO BIG, THAT NOT EVEN STEAM HAS THE FULL LOGS, I CALL THIS ONE, ME AND MUSHROOM TAG TEAMING A KID (this kid was sperging out for a couple of days so me and mushroom made him enter the ownzone)

part 1 - LOST
part 2 - LOST
final part- LOST
one of the parts was actually found so here's the link

to make this reaction even more pure gold, a few hours after I uploaded it, the kid readded me and said "the reaction was fake I was pretending to be retarded" and that he was "just trolling us" (because thats not what someone who is sperging would do and what other people on this corner did)

some extra memes from this geklmin kiddo - LOST

12:36 PM - Winterberg, Jarl of The North: I have rapid brain functioning.
1:17 PM - Winterberg, Jarl of The North: Because of Aspergers, I am much more creative and intelligent than the average person

1:17 PM - Winterberg, Jarl of The North: I sense jealousy.
1:17 PM - Winterberg, Jarl of The North: Perhaps.

1:18 PM - Sheogorath: how many spots do you want on the autism corner?
1:18 PM - Winterberg, Jarl of The North: Look at my screenshots of Minecraft, I did those all by myself

2:09 PM - Winterberg, Jarl of The North: You uncultured swine, Pandora's Box is an artifact of Greek Mythology.

2:09 PM - Winterberg, Jarl of The North: I'm done... *mic drop*

2:08 PM - Winterberg, Jarl of The North: I've also reported you, I have no fear.

full chat with winterberg here - probably the one im most sad about being lost

-=|BRO|=- nachtmensch 1 hour ago
XD I Saw your Steamprofile now XDXD That explain everything... You just have a damn, damn bad Taste (and maybe some serious psychological problems too) Enjoy Baghdad, you poor, intolerant, forlorn, lonely and Bad Example for the Human Race ;D XD

6:11 PM - King Void: What are people gonna think of me for befriending a guy who appears to demonize people with autism and watches islam terrorist propaganda?

read this full chat with king void here - LOST

RockoTehModern Just now
oh look, someone who has the isis flag and nazi flag on their artwork showcase, wow you're so special and original

10:37 AM - ey b0ss: because even though you're rather cool, you're still a fucking troll

10:20 AM - Dankis: you're just a plain out bad person irl

10:23 AM - Dankis: people had waited years for fallout 4
10:23 AM - Dankis: it's not the same
10:23 AM - Dankis: people who really really loved the game
10:23 AM - Dankis: and to ruin part of it
10:23 AM - Dankis: even if it isn't the whole thing
10:23 AM - Dankis: is one of the worst offences to a person like that
10:24 AM - Dankis: thank fuck I finished the game before nerds like you spoiled it

full chat with dankis here -

Sheogalilbergardennis (Galil) 8 minutes ago
Stop being a douche asshole Sheo, it's not because you did not received any love or empathy in your childhood that you should insult everyone that does not meet your standards of "perfection"

10:48 AM - Sheogalilbergardennis: you are threatening me to put me in your autism corner, a questionable wall of text of people not being mad at you or just ignoring your insults, in a best case scenario the person will show a mild anger towards you

10:49 AM - Sheogalilbergardennis: my trolling videos are at 4 times better than your shitty "autism corner"

10:49 AM - Sheogalilbergardennis: i am not crying

3:54 PM - norway army 11,600 little girls: your the type of person that should have been swallowed

3:57 PM - 66666555lolel: quit trying to trigger me nigga
3:57 PM - 66666555lolel: you've been trying for like 2 weeks

1:03 PM - Funish: You're fucking retarded

12:12 PM - Funish has changed their name to Sheogorath has a baby penis.

1:09 PM - Sheogorath has a baby penis: Kill yourself

1:04 PM - Funish: sick of people like you

1:10 PM - Sheogorath has a baby penis: stfu
1:10 PM - Sheogorath has a baby penis: Noone gave you permission to talk
1:10 PM - Sheogorath has a baby penis: dog

(to clear up some confusion, the guy below is the same guy from above, "Sheogorath has a baby penis", And he went off and posted on reddit which a website for huge autists like him about me or some shit idk)
9:19 PM - ☭ Joseph Stalin ☭: people love you on reddit btw
9:19 PM - Sheogorath: hey
9:19 PM - ☭ Joseph Stalin ☭: Most of them can give up to 50 mental problems you may have

This chat with this guy was SUPER long, I posted the entire thing here -

10:16 AM - Papa Soma: >tfw you did a genocide
>tfw that avatar was a gift
>tfw you actually do have a grill
10:16 AM - Papa Soma: k
10:16 AM - you got owned dude: what????????????
10:16 AM - Papa Soma: well, just please cure your autism and never come back :^)
10:16 AM - you got owned dude: you just used 3 memes
10:16 AM - Papa Soma is now Offline.

full chat with the soma dude here - LOST

*DEAD* Uncle Fogle hates weebs: or you just suck at ttt
*DEAD* Dr Phil: Sheo go fuck your self sheo
*DEAD* Sheogorath: no im the best TTT player ever
*DEAD* Uncle Fogle hates weebs: i dont hear a bomb siren

*DEAD* [Runescape] Soup: fucking 10 year old
*DEAD* Caliber: yep
*DEAD* [Runescape] Soup: mentally retarted
*DEAD* you got owned dude: funny meme

**NEW** due to pastebin's faggotry I have added a new entry

v "developer" censoring legit criticism of his game v

Frere D'Arme [developer] 10 hours ago
Intro = 2 mins, not 20 mins. I confirm the blocking and abusive com.

idk why I added this here in the first place but since everything was fucked ill leave it:
4:40 PM - SprayK-47: You don't have the will to do it yourself, and until I add back Caliber, you're going to try to scare me away so you yourself don't look like an autistic sperg
4:41 PM - im racist: lmao
4:41 PM - SprayK-47: of course now that I say that you'll try and remove me
4:41 PM - im racist: thats a major sperg right there
(he removed me a day later)

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