Oliver   Oliver, British Columbia, Canada
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Изиграни 1,850 ч.
Best game ever. Worth every penny and cents
:USSR:1, Send me offer [/h1] https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=53341293&token=4Rj2_UMA
:USSR:2, Do not make me overpay for your item, I am functioning as a shop and not as a charity
:USSR:3, I am open to any kind of offer, you can send multiple ones, I will accept the one that I like the most
:USSR:4, If you are interested in one of my item send me offer, If I disagree with it I will make a counter offer
:USSR:5, For fast accept send me overpay, but please stickers/nametag/float value/pattern wont make your item more expensive in my eyes
:USSR:6, Leave a feedback on my profile

Изложение за постижения
Средно завършени в игра
Kayoku 20 ян. в 14:16 
+rep thanks for the honest trade 🤝👊💪👍💎:heart:
Yacoup Eolo 19 ян. в 2:25 
+Rep---enjoy best trader :)
Celoise 14 ян. в 3:33 
+rep fast and trusty trader :starite:
Olek$ 13 ян. в 12:36 
+rep trusty trader :)
big nn 11 ян. в 6:32 
+rep quick and nice trader <3
bone c 9 ян. в 16:03 
+REP fair trader, does not steam message people he's trading with tho, he just sends a counter offer or accepts