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this is what ive done with my life
- ETF2L [etf2l.org]
- Logs tf [logs.tf]
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ETF2L 6v6 Mid S34 Flank Scout
ETF2L Highlander Mid S19 Scout
UGC Euro Platinum Highlander Scout
ETF2L 6v6 Low s33 Pocket Scout
Pugiklander S1 Div 2 Scout - 1st Place
Knightcomp EU S1 Demoman - 9th Place
ETF2L Highlander Open S18 Sniper - 9th Place
UGC Main EU S27 Sub Scout - 6th Place
ETF2L 6v6 Low S32 Flank/Pocket Scout
ETF2L 6v6 Low Preseason Cup - 3rd Place Flank Scout
ETF2L 6v6 Open S31 - Playoffs Flank Scout
ETF2L Mid S25 (roster ride thx basso)
ETF2L 6v6 Open S22-24 pocket/roamer main/sub
UGC Iron S14 Sniper/Scout
Unusuals I have owned:
-Bubbling Medic's Mountain Cap
-Searing Plasma Pugilist's Protector
-Burning Flames Otolaryngologist's Mirror
-Disco Beat Down Officer's Ushanka
-Stormy Storm Honcho's Headgear
-Terror-Watt Hat of Cards
-Burning Flames Stout Shako
-Sunbeams Magistrate's Mullet
-Blizzardy Storm Master's Yellow Belt
-Blizzardy Storm Glengarry Bonnet
-Disco Beat Down Ye Oiled Baker Boy
-Smoking Le Party Phantom
-Orbiting Fire Détective Noir
-Smoking Hat With No Name
-Aces High Exquisite Rack
-Stormy Storm Defiant Spartan
-Terror Watt Defiant Spartan
-Blizzardy Storm Tyrant's Helm
-Unusual Taunt: Deep Fried Desire - Fountain of Delight
-Miami Nights Cold Killer
-Memory Leak El Jefe
-Cloud 9 Ye Olde Baker Boy
-Cloud 9 Prancer's Pride
-Scorching Flames Big Elfin Deal
-Sunbeams Milkman
-Scorching Flames Larrikin Robin
-Scorching Flames Stainless Pot
-Burning Flames Stainless Pot
-It's A Secret To Everybody Stainless Pot
-Circling Heart Demoman's Fro
-Sunbeams Scotch Bonnet
-Unusual Taunt: Spent Well Spirits - Holy Grail
-Purple Energy Scotch Bonnet
-Sunbeams Glengarry Bonnet
-Harvest Moon Glengarry Bonnet
-Purple Confetti Batter's Helmet
-Haunted Ghosts Batter's Helmet
-Steaming Brass Bucket
-Burning Flames Bonk Helm
-Unusual Taunt: The Trackman's Touchdown - Screaming Tiger
-Unusual Taunt: Most Wanted - Skill Gotten Gains
-Dead Presidents Liquidator's Lid
-Burning Flames Liquidator’s Lid
-Burning Flames Troublemaker's Tosslecap
-Unusual Taunt: Killer Solo - Showstopper
-Frostbite Hermes
-Burning Flames Trophy Belt
-Burning Flames Sergeant's Drill Hat
-Sunbeams Tyrant's Helm
-Burning Flames Tyrant's Helm
-Unusual Taunt: Fresh Brewed Victory - Showstopper
-Sunbeams Backwards Ballcap
-Blizzardy Storm Bonk Boy
-Bonzo The All-Gnawing Bonk Helm
-Unusual Taunt: The Russian Arms Race - Enchanted
-Unusual Taunt: The Schadenfreude - Jarate Storm
Cool Items I have had:
-Strange Kritzkrieg
-Strange Machina
-Strange Festive Rocket Launcher
-Strange Festive Minigun
-Strange Festive Sniper rifle
-Strange Festive Grenade Launcher
-Strange Festive Stickybomb Launcher
-Strange Festive Holy Mackerel
-Strange Festive Jarate
-Strange Festive Bat
-Strange Professional Shotgun
-Strange Professional Escape Plan
-Strange Professional Pistol
-Strange Professional Bushwacka
-Genuine Professional Three-Rune Blade
-Professional Australium Rocket Launcher
-Professional Australium Black Box
-Professional Australium Tomislav
-Professional Australium Sniper Rifle
-Professional Australium Knife
-Professional Australium Ambassador - Signed by Hei
-Professional Australium Scattergun
-Professional Australium Grenade Launcher
-Specialized Australium SMG
-Specialized Australium Minigun
-Australium Blutsauger
-Australium Stickybomb Launcher
-Lv69 Graybanns
-Lv100 Cool Cat Cardigan
-Lv100 Antarctic Parka
-Collectors Razorback
-Collectors Scottish Handshake
-Bills hat
-Max's Severed Head with Spectral Spectrum
-Smissmas Caribou
-Voodoo Juju
-Gentle Manne's Service Medal #9878
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is this pochers gamer theelepel paprikapoeder ♥♥♥♥♥♥ jood
ketschup entity Oct 15 @ 2:18pm 
"I choose to be a virgin." Okay, Mac. Sure. You're 31 y.o. and a chronic masturbator. The problem is, my friend is the quintessential neckbeard weaboo. He considers himself an intellectual and anyone who doesn't share his beliefs is beneath him. He wants a petite, Hungarian virgin. He's gotta be perfect. He has to have a slightly protruding canine tooth because it's "kawaii." He's already limited himself to a niche demographic of boys, AND he has nothin' to offer except his 2017 Collector's Aegis of Champions.

So why am I friends with him? I feel bad for the guy. If he shaved his patchy beard, lose 100 lbs., work out regularly, and stop playing dota, he might actually get a cute boy. Doesn't have to be a petite, Hungarian virgin with a slightly crooked canine tooth...
ketschup entity Oct 14 @ 11:09am 
Jeez, monday already? Hang in there! Haha. Cheers 👍✌
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thinking about how romantic it’d be if someone strangled me on one of those swan paddle boats and then pedaled it around the lake by themselves until i regained consciousness
ketschup entity Sep 27 @ 11:30am 
wtf is wrong with u