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9.5/10; An incredible journey, TOP notch whodunnit/adventure thriller game.

I finished it in 2 days, with non-stop 3.5 hour playfests.

INCREDIBLE work. The acting is SUPERB, rivalling a solid BBC whodunnit. Rupert Booth as Jenks was excellent, oozing charm and wit. (And THE CAMP. Oh my lord, the CAMP. When Jenks turns to each suspect in turn and flourishes his hand into the "devil sign" asking people if they know "WHAT THIS MEANS", in ever more over the top ways, I near fell over laughing.) Paul Darrow as Paul was incredible as well, with his tongue flicks and delightful inflections at the end of select, tasty words. The rest of the cast was excellent as well! (Shout out to James, that ol' rogue. What a character he was.)

The writing was top notch, with believable dialogue and realistic fast paced storyline. Solid mystery whodunnit with multiple believable suspects, and an overarching mysterious setting.

The actual main/inventive game mechanic of "Contradiction", of catching the statements that don't line up - to piece together the mystery, is unlike anything I've played in this genre. Quite fun, challenging, and enjoyable. Also, very much enjoyed how the map/world unfolded as you progressed through the game, each area unlocking as the night progressed.

The score was tremendous, weaving in an out mid-FMV scene, and as the mystery started unfolding. VERY seamless.

The only 2 minor gripes I had were, A) the control scheme at default on PC was a bit wonky, compared to the standard for this genre, but the keys are all customizable, so it's fine. Wish there was some actual use for the mouse as input though. Would have loved a bit more challenge looking for the clues.
B) At times the audio seemed inconsistent and muffled. Different interrogation locations, had a different tone to their recording. After a little while I got used to it, but for a game with as EXTREMELY high production values as this, I just felt it to be a bit jarring.

Still, if you have ever felt the joy or love of a good whodunnit, in ANY form, be it BBC dramas or video games like the Sherlock Holmes or "The Raven" series, you will CERTAINLY enjoy this. You will be wrapped up in the story, obsessively trying to find the culprit and come to the ending, and enjoying it all the while.

Also, check this link ( out at 7 minute mark: One of the actors, Paul Guilor (played Ryan) explained that he thought it was important to ham the acting up and advised Rupert Booth (Jenks) to do so as well. Otherwise the dialogue is just "functional" technical stuff in many places. SO happy they went that direction.
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ur friend with the steam name 'rattletrap' is actually stubborn, remember to remind him to always, always throw tantrum like a kid when someone in the team did something against his will. Always turn on mic and yell and cried, just as useless as he is.
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+rep Very friendly , generous and kind hearted guy :steamhappy::steamhappy::steamhappy:
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