eg heiti fridrik og eg borda rass haha   Reykjavik, Iceland
big lad give big sex ;)

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Meyumi Jun 23 @ 1:03am 
L👀k, I'm😺 no😾 furry😿, but🤞 I'd😺 fuck😽👉👌 the😫 shit💩 out💨 of a busty🍑 female🤭🙀 looking😨 wolf🐺, idgaf😉🖕 and that goes🤔 for anything🤗 that remotely🧐 resembles💁‍♂️ a woman🚺. Your couch🛋️ has curves🍑? Better😠 hide👥 it🤡 cause I'll😻 NUT🍌🥜💨💦💦on that fucker.
CockBreath Jun 19 @ 2:36pm 
And as the king of kum you will obey me
CockBreath Jun 19 @ 2:25pm 
do NOT start conflict on my steam account ! >:(
Goober McAutismo Jun 19 @ 2:12pm 
Get out'a'ere
Meyumi Jun 19 @ 10:15am 
King of Kum ;)
CockBreath Jun 1 @ 7:07am 
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