*DEAD* мѧшк : good palyer

"Check Gametech as Stoods runs 90% of Brisbane css lans, most of them are at Elysium in the valley.
CSS lans in Brisbane are ******* ♥♥♥♥ IMO everyone has an undeserved seance of entitlement, + You show up and Boomsers team rape face, take all the money and leave + I hate gunlock with a passion and he is always there just asking me to kick his fat ass." - Beaubearxo on brisbane lan scene

m0nt steelseries.com killed jyko bossmane with ak47.
m0nt steelseries.com killed TRVlZ[uf] with ak47.
m0nt steelseries.com killed Seer with ak47.
m0nt steelseries.com killed G.O.A.T with ak47.
m0nt steelseries.com killed superior with ak47.
m0nt steelseries.com killed elevate Boony with ak47.
m0nt steelseries.com inflicted most damage, 686 dmg in 7 hits!
Most kills:m0nt steelseries.com with 6 kills
m0nt steelseries.com : #denialGAMING on IRC @ Gamesurge.net - Idle and Support
Player: m0nt steelseries.com - Damage Given
Damage Given to "jyko bossmane" - 110 in 1 hit
Damage Given to "TRVlZ[uf]" - 110 in 1 hit
Damage Given to "Seer" - 110 in 1 hit
Damage Given to "G.O.A.T" - 110 in 1 hit
Damage Given to "superior" - 110 in 1 hit
Damage Given to "elevate Boony" - 136 in 2 hits
Player: m0nt steelseries.com - Damage Taken
Damage Taken from "superior" - 73 in 2 hits
Killa117 : LOL
snwbrd : ♥♥♥ this
(Terrorist) DEFIANT. superstaR : !ban steel
m0nt steelseries.com killed dannyG with ak47.
G.O.A.T : voteban
m0nt steelseries.com killed elevate Boony with ak47.
Disconnect: Banned.
Disconnect: Banned.

m0nt[S] : not my fault u have a p250
m0nt[S] : for whatever reason
m0nt[S] : !teams
Phoenix-11- : LOL
Phoenix-11- : gud1
hh : moneys bad
hh : thats why p250
hh : i hads more hence buy even money
hh : you play the p you should know this
m0nt[S] : lol.

the amazing hH dropping some mad game logic
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1st ESEA Open S20
1st X-Zone CSGO Lan #1
1st cybergamer community nationals
1st exothermic CSPromod ODC #1
1st The Battle for Brisbane Round 1(Final MVP)
1st The Battle for Brisbane Round 2
1st LPL Challenger Season 2
2nd ESEA Open S27
2nd CGM s5
3rd CGPL s2
3rd Tthub LAN #4
3rd CGI s6
3rd-4th ACL Melbourne 2015
3rd-4th Defrag CS:GO LAN #2(Group A MVP)
3rd-4th Noxious R4L
4th CGPL s4
4th Australian Azubu Masters
5th-6th ESL ANZ Champs 13
5th-6th Intel Extreme Masters X Taipei - Oceania Qualifier
5th-6th The PeetyG Invitational(mvp stats)
5th-6th cybergamer nationals invite
5th-6th ACL Sydney 2015
5th-6th streamline odc
5th-6th CGPL finals
5th-8th ESL ONE Oceanic Qualifier
6th Crown $55,555 Invitational
6th FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2 OCE
7th CGP source s7
8th cybergamer AMD nationals invite
8th CGP cs:go div1 s3


denialGAMING: mEntal, venN, swetchem, hazfkn, brad, lazer
spectre.aus: mEntal, LiLMaN, IoF, Mimix, sock
professors: mEntal, crazed, resolute, Peppi, Rak3R
!njected/f4f: mEntal, Mist, [G]angst[A], Joel, Thrilakila, brad, bluest4R
BE4STMODE: mEntal, evade, pheN, braydenK, bquick, EluzN
professorsv2: mEntal, Totaleclipse, lamda, crazed, resolute
prwnage: mEntal, brad, JakE, M1ST, [G]angst[A], dman, saru
cruxcrew: m0nt, gunnlock, EluzN, Blizzard, Art, krudeN, vexit
carnage: m0nt, hyper, siph, gunnlock, dysi
mindfreak: m0nt, BurtoN, f0oster, clintO, TotalEclipse
AVANT: m0nt, gunnlock, EluzN, tonks, f0oster
noxious: m0nt, moojuice, smirfy, maecat, digz, Speedkill, shredzy
SY&b: m0nt, snyper, emagine, ofnu, snake
Qlimax: m0nt, brake, zewsy, nova, snake
Vox Eminor: m0nt, moeycq, teddyt, nova, deoxiDE
syf: m0nt, gunnlock, nerox, dexter, mungo, spiKez
m0nt, sonic, kyoto, liazz, infrequeNt
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Sup! lets play CSGO
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+rep big penis
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