"The truth will set you free"
It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

Go add this account: Click here It is going to be my new account since this account (Depre) and my high leveled account (hystereo) got a VAC ban.

Both my account got a VAC ban because its were sharing the same phone number. I would never hack on my high leveled account.

The only cheat(s) I have been using on CS:GO on this account is AutoHotKey (AHK) and nulls config. And VAC cannot detect any of them.
The only possible way to get Global cooldown is by CS:GO's Overwatch ban system and that would result in a "Game ban" and not VAC.

This account was hacked nearly 2 months ago, and the dude was cheating on CS:GO with it.

Only add me if you want to or keep in contact with me.
I will still be using this account to play Grand Theft Auto V and GTA: Online.
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u were a real one then u turned gay ;-;
True Apr 25 @ 3:11am 
thats what happens if u stop playing mg
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n o u
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happy meow year :fadeheart:
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happy new years kitten <3