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Stupid Little Bit.ch   United States
SeasonalWaffles: what region are you?
Cadet: na east coast
Cadet: y?
SeasonalWaffles: just wondering
Cadet: :open_mouth:
Cadet: kinda random tbh
SeasonalWaffles: wondering if i could plant some onions in your lawn since mine isnt available but obv too far

Reno: Mlm? Cadet I’ll whoop your ass irl
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Competitive Experience
Competitive Experience

ESEA S27 OPEN - Newbie Invasion 9-7
ESEA S28 OPEN - Keyboard Lord 9-7
RGL S1 Open Prime - Uncle John's Band (8-0) (1-1) 3rd Place
RGL S2 IM - Poo Poo Panic Mode (12-4) (0-1) 6th Place
RGL S3 Main - Space Cadets (12-4)(1-1) 6th Place
RGL S4 Main - Cursed Season
RGL S5 Adv St. Judes (8-8)

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▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ gay porn delivery
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we contact high in discord May 15 @ 9:28pm 
rasta "Josh S." ronald Apr 18 @ 10:17am 
dude you NEED to make playoffs, at least once....
i need a vision Mar 22 @ 10:27am 
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