The Lemon
Črt   Zelezniki, Slovenia
I'm bad at this game aren't I...

Good Lobby? []
lol DPM []
lol K/D []

Totonin : what is the touch for do the ponga ?

SaMi : all of you are nigger
SaMi left the game (Disconnect by user)

22:00:28 A-BANANA: you can kick me, but you cant kick my spirit!
22:00:35 TF2Center: A-BANANA was banned from this Lobby by caiz / Merc / LFT Silver
22:02:00 The_Lemon: rip

Misinko78 : spy is fuck

*SPEC* spudd! : why is kaidus fakenicking as the_lemon?????

*TF2C's down"
1hp: i'm going to go masturbate then
1hp is now Away.

*DEAD* [PL]Matheo : lmao.
*DEAD* [PL]Matheo : Lemon child go tryhard somewhere else.
*DEAD* [PL]Matheo : Loser..
[PL]Matheo left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Lurkki the faceit dream crusher
(TEAM) Ib4/20s : lurki
(TEAM) Ib4/20s : i am a good med
(TEAM) Lurkki #kivapuhe : no

*DEAD* Ryan78134 : I gave up being an engineer, no defence
* No Time Limit *
sek : good choice
sek : dont play engineer

pt002 : its century gun noob
pt002 : noob teleporter

ran29: yeah LOL i'm not from an english speakign country but only speak english makes good sense

Emma Agalychnis : your mum sucks dicks
Emma Agalychnis : for brocoli

Thanks Adje []
My greatest achievment? :thinking: []

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is lemon dead again? :happyleon:
Dwevy Apr 6 @ 10:35am 
You're a good demo, nice job.
❅✮nurse✮❅ Mar 31 @ 5:24pm 
Happy Easter! 🐰
polarium Mar 13 @ 5:34am 
kareoke cuck
polarium Jan 25 @ 2:52am 
see you all in a few weeks Jan 7 @ 3:44am 
a r e y o u d e a d