Samantha   United States
28, female, admin for Saxton Hell. Check the "More Info" for other places to find me!

Let me help you with your stalking needs:

Tumblr []
Discord: Luvedragon#7942
I'm known as Luvedragon on like 99% of the sites I use so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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3DS F C: 2363 5700 5596
Switch F C: 4759-4881-1588
Heya, the name's Luvedragon. Can usually find me anywhere on the net with this name. Currently an admin for the Saxton Hell servers, originally brought on as a Prophunt Hell admin ~about~ November 2012. Was bumped to full admin sometime around April-May 2013. Ever since, been destroying ghosters and time wasters, whenever I'm not baby sitting the FF2 Hell server. :tdealwithit:

Other than that, just an average person with an average life. I like playing vidya games. I also enjoy collecting dragon figures/sculptures/whatever (who woulda guessed?). Currently a full-time assistant manager in retail hell.

I need help with something on the servers!
If you can't find the answer on the website [], forums [], or group , then feel free to add me with any questions. I might not be able to answer everything, especially if it relates to a donation not going through or other technical stuff, but I'll do my best to get the answers to you as quickly as possible!

A player is breaking the rules!
Feel free to add me, or post on our forums with as much information as possible. If someone is spamming chat, make sure to include screenshots. Spamming voice, then take a demo and upload it somewhere such as Dropbox. And always make sure to get their Steam ID (by typing status into the console), otherwise we may not be able to determine who they were!

Hey, I was banned! Wah!
Please do not add me regarding a ban. We have a protest section [] on our site just for this purpose. Adding me will result in me pointing you to the protest section.

I just want to add you as a friend!
Hey, no problem! If you enjoyed playing a game with me, feel free! I don't bite. Much.

Hey, is that item for trade?
Unless it is listed on my Outpost [], then very likely not. Only items I can guarantee would be for sale are doubles of weapons (regular or strange). Otherwise, most stuff isn't for sale.
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