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Faces: ᐛ ˙͜>˙   American Samoa
Human Resources for Crident Networks - https://crident.team/
I accept pre-sales requests but not general support. (comment b4 add)
https://crident.com/ (Use code Luna for 25% off your first purchase)
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lil bit bout me
I program in my off time and manage Crident's support team, tf2 services and more full time.

I acccept all pre-sales or any marketing requests, I just ask you comment before adding me.

Don't add me for general/technical/mod config support please.
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Obitus Apr 9 @ 11:31am 
I'd like to get more involved into cridents new project. ;)
Zero Control Apr 7 @ 2:03pm 
sorry i didnt really read your page at frist when i added you......................