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mantis Nov 21, 2015 @ 1:36pm
"Disgusting cringworthy weeaboo, no older than 13."

Daq Jul 5 @ 12:11am
"was gonna roast for admin abuse but your profile already does that for me"

农历高峰 thats lunarpeak in china
ルナピーク and thats lunarpeak in japan
I didn't know this until this person showed me what it was 死亡的小丑

profile pics and sprays are from these URLS please i own non of these all credit goes to these fantastic artists people:akinaspirit:

Still don't own the pic =3=

"Lonely people are the most sensitive ones,who have had to experience social suffering and see the world with distrust and suspicion.They aren't people without charm, but on the contrary,are very interesting but vulnerable, who can suffer a lot when given your back" OsozakiLateBloomingFirst

It's true ; )
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nice henti tho or whatever this is
NinjaZeppi May 26 @ 1:09am 
try hard ;-;
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Happy Birthday