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Luke (Luca in italian)   Italy
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I can RESERVE ITEMS , read my info box for more info

I'm always buying quicksells (usually at least 30% off lowest seller) and entire backpacks for cash/keys/scm funds/other payment; if you want to sell something either send an offer or add me; CLICK HERE TO SEND AN OFFER

❗❗❗ Prices and useful links in the info box below; items in the ITEM SHOWCASES are for sale ❗❗❗
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WATCH OUT, I'm being impersonated:
:BBcheckmark: Watch out for fake profiles , this is my only account, I have no discussion accounts, click to check
:BBcheckmark: Lvl 123+ and 11+ years of service
:BBcheckmark: public inventory, click to check
:BBcheckmark: clean donator status on steamrep, click to check []
:BBcheckmark: lots of trusts on backpack, click to check []

I can reserve items if you don't have the whole amount we come up with ready at hand and it won't cost you extra on the price, but I ask for a partial payment in advance or a deposit to be sure you won't simply back out and I'll lose a potential deal due to the item not being on the market during the reservation period; if you back out of the deal I'll have the right to keep what was used for the reservation, but I can decide to give it back/give part of it back, but it's up to me; generally the reservation % will be around 5% of the final value, but it can depend on the item itself and I'll do it for items worth 25+ keys; if you're ok with these terms feel free to contact me :)

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Some info to trade with me:
:SpRad_ThumbsDown: No begging
:SpRad_ThumbsUp: I'm open to reasonable offers in keys, items, mixed, cash, scm funds and to negotiations
:SpRad_ThumbsDown: No Lowballing (first time is a decline, after it's a block)
:SpRad_ThumbsUp: If my asking price is firm I'll specify it in the listing of the item
:SpRad_ThumbsDown: No scammers or people marked on steamrep/backpack for scamming or similar, obviously
:SpRad_ThumbsUp: I'll try to send a counter offer if I decide your offer isn't enough
:SpRad_ThumbsDown: No add for simple trades (like offering my pure buyout on items; just send an offer, thanks)
:SpRad_ThumbsUp: Make your inventory public if you want to trade with me, thanks

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Bucin 17 hours ago 
+rep Thanks for the quick-fix. Very quick trade Sep 22 @ 1:55am 
Thx for unusual. But I apologize i miss i though dat was my unusual cus they both painted and named and i sending trade with phone and cant see the unusual name:lunar2019deadpanpig:
Rubymite Sep 20 @ 12:12pm 
+rep patient top tier trader
Scream (1996) Sep 17 @ 12:33pm 
+rep a very chill guy, great and respectful trader :tmp:
✞❤SoupRice❤✞ Sep 17 @ 8:46am 
how much are u paying for a key?
Fobby Sep 7 @ 5:42pm 
+rep thanks for the skin! :steamthumbsup: