ᴳʸᴺ HyeSkyy |NwA|
Oh, hye. I'm Skyy   YeDebub Biheroch Bihereseboch na, Ethiopia
Interested in something? I only trade through trade link.


Friend Requests for interests in my BP are always declined.

HyeSkyyᴸᴮᴴ: the worst thing that can happen is I go flat broke, but meet incredibly talented artists who really get to say what they need to say in their own special and creative way
HyeSkyyᴸᴮᴴ: Great... Now I'm Dr.Seuss.
Off My Meds: lmao
Off My Meds: Hyeseuss

Wile: "Who the fuck are you turns around in a pub?! You're supposed to be listening to your dubstep and NOT.CARING!"

Fri Oct. 13 12:47am
ᴳʸᴺ Hidden in the Midst: Aye sorry I missed your messages
ᴳʸᴺ Brozart |NwA|: s'all gucci breeeeeeeeee
ᴳʸᴺ Brozart |NwA|: how's the day been>
ᴳʸᴺ Brozart |NwA|: ?*
ᴳʸᴺ Hidden in the Midst: Stuck on Monday couch drunk
ᴳʸᴺ Hidden in the Midst: Oops auto correct
ᴳʸᴺ Brozart |NwA|: lmao
ᴳʸᴺ Brozart |NwA|: stuck on monday couch drunk?
ᴳʸᴺ Hidden in the Midst: Wait it's Monday?
ᴳʸᴺ Brozart |NwA|: AHAHAHAHA
ᴳʸᴺ Hidden in the Midst: Liar it's fridat
ᴳʸᴺ Brozart |NwA|: lmao
ᴳʸᴺ Brozart |NwA|: damn right
ᴳʸᴺ Brozart |NwA|: you should come jam in discord with us!
ᴳʸᴺ Hidden in the Midst: My phone says so

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Livin' livid man, skimmin timid timbs in a pimp's gymnastics fantastic
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it's been a minute
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dis ♥♥♥♥♥ cool
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Gets fat frags
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only ♥♥♥♥♥ who remembers me from the ol' days