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Hey i'm john, I like anime, I like gaming. Occasionally I like to mix the two and play some interesting games. Also yes I like lolis, oh and bad dragon, it's what I like nothing wrong with that. My best Bud

I prefer to stay out of politics, but i'm conservative, a traditionalist, and a nationalist so please no coming after me over views I try keep to myself.

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well i'm luckyshot i've had this name since early 2005, it all came about from my luck with hitting railgun shots in quake 3 arena, and my ability to snipe in cs 1.6 in truth it reallty was luck I couldn't hit a shot if I tried but if I just didn't try I hit my shots consistently. i'm out of practice these days and my reflexes are basically gone due to age. I hate my job and being an adult but such is life. I am a man I don't like how things have turned in the united states with political correctness, I am not politically correct nor will I ever be.

My favorite characters are as follow

Squigly (skullgirls)
cordie (cliffside)
ms. fortune (skullgirls)
stella (skullgirls)
shinobu (bakemonogatari)
goblins slayer (goblin slayer)

I also like lolis, a lot. I can't remember all the names but lolis are just great in general and fit my appetite.

"I remember saw some hentai, and it got me to watch the show, it was kodomo no jikan."

my current computer specs are

cpu: Ryzen 1700
cpu cooler: Noctua NH-19x65 am4
mobo: ROG Strix B350-F
ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4-3000mhz
storage: Samsung 850 evo 500 gig, WD Blue1tb 7200rpm, WD Black 7200rpm
gpu: MSI GTX 1080 armor edition
case: Phanteks Eclipse P400S
psu: EVGA supernova G3 750W

Those are my specs down to a tee.

"I hope and pray to God one day I may be happy, but my prayers haven't been answered yet and i'm worrying if they ever will"

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luckyshot5135 Feb 17 @ 8:56am 
Uh i'd won a good few matches n the little time I played it was to easy to win, I was obviously playing against bots and personally I don't like the idea of playing against bots and to try, don't you mean succeed the game failed I just pointed out not to get attached.
pacman.pacman Feb 17 @ 6:28am 
no it wasnt you just sucked and spilled your hate onto the community hub to try kill peoples hopes and dreams do everyone a favour and dont breed!
luckyshot5135 Feb 16 @ 5:25pm 
mostly the game was horrible.
pacman.pacman Feb 16 @ 5:13pm 
why do you have so much hate towards RH!!
[DOL]Sadistic Sweety Jan 23 @ 7:13am 
Nice last played games!
luckyshot5135 Jan 15 @ 10:19am 
I guess, but for what reason.