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In topic Coward trait? permanent?
Originally posted by jollywobbles:
I was playing my playthrough on death seeker in the human campaign when i realized the ogre that i bribed and one of my blademasters had acquired the coward trait. Does this go away? How do they get it? I'm assuming randomly in combat they could pick it up, but now those units are basically useless at 1 morale.

Hey, upgrade unit with 'Brave' perk and 'Coward' will go away (that's for Blademaster only).
Coward is given (50% chance) when unit escapes from battlefield (has to be Panicked first).

I will add descriptions.
Jul 17 @ 8:53am
In topic hellblaster
Hey, just keep clicking other enemy units (in range).
Only one attack per enemy is allowed and maximum five enemies can be targeted.
To finish game you need to follow story. But if u don’t want to finish, then it’s 100% sandbox :-)

I will soon add other locations with quests
Originally posted by FroBodine:
Thank you very much, Les! I will try this battle some more after work. So, if I get rid of the necromancers, will that stop the resurrecting? I should have read their descriptions better to see what was causing the units to resurrect.

Lol. Yes - necromancers have 'Raise Dead' spell which is brining Undead back to fight. You can either kill Necromancers (and a Lich) or Dispel them (they lose MP)
Originally posted by FroBodine:
How can you tell if a mission is designed to be unwinnable? I just played the first undead mission in the Human campaign after the speech that says you have defeated the orcs/goblins. This is the mission where the troops are moving up the canyon, and we are designed to watch the rear. The resurrecting undead are just brutal. You think you're making some headway, and then they all resurrect.

I beat the mission, but I lost about seven or eight of my 13 man team. I figured that was too many losses, so I will try this mission again. It is very difficult, but I don't know if it's supposed to be unwinnable or not.

So, how can you tell if a mission is designed to be unwinnable, please?

If mission os u winnable you will get message at the start.

The canyon missions require another approach. First of all, your fireball will be useless - start using other spells like chain lighting and stoneskin. Secondly, you need to neutralise those necromancers either via circling them with knights or dispelling them with mages. You have few spare pikemen so use them.

P.S. try to shift all your units right so enemy will follow. That gives you enough space on left to charge with few knights. If this battle is to hard then stack defence items of Sir Edward and let him soak attacks.
Jul 11 @ 2:52pm
In topic Auto-collect option
Hey, auto-collect will get you 99% of items without risking spawning any enemies. I personally like to check every box and barrel, but ymmv.
Jul 7 @ 2:37am
In topic Necromancer bug
neil was right - there was a bug with displaying message that dead magic user was regenerating magic. It will be fixed in the next patch.

Thanks to neil for highlighting that and his save (so I could debug it)!
Jul 6 @ 1:04pm
In topic Necromancer bug
Those will be in %appdata%/Age-of-Fear-3/saves folder (type %appdata% in File explorer and it will expand automatically).

I have checked code for Soul Capture but could not find any bug. It randomly selects a necromancer without full MP - maybe there is another necromancer alive?
Jul 6 @ 1:01pm
In topic Stupid questions 2
Originally posted by neil:
Well here I go again
Does Autoloot gain ALL the available loot on the map ?
Should I be still searching out for more ?

It gives all VISIBLE loot. There are some hidden chests (but just a few!).

And i meant to add
Is their any reason to keep loot like, gold bars, silver bars, diamonds, rubys, pearls etc

Yes - the Silver bars and Rubies can be upgraded. There is a few secrets related to Gold Bars.
Pearl can be exchanged for a random item (when you unlock Pearl Mermaid).
Jul 5 @ 11:58pm
In topic Display Scaling Problem
Hey, unfortunately fonts are not scaled with resolutions. This is something I am working on, but it requires serious coding.

Please stick with lower resolutions - up will 1200 px is pretty ok.

Sorry for the issues, Les
Arghhh - they f£$%k it up - fixing it now.
Jul 4 @ 3:37pm
In topic Doombringer Discussion
Originally posted by SpiralRazor:
Demons are very thematic to use lifedraining attacks. Thats what all my demon casters in Dominions 5 use.

Demons were designed as discardable unit without many healing options (potions mostly) - I am rather looking for some new mechanics for Demons. Lifedrain is too powerful and the same goes for Regeneration.

Some very limited healing maybe.
Jul 2 @ 8:05pm
In topic Soundtrack
Jordan Rees indeed did compose main soundtracks for AOF3.

However, there are many soundtracks which are compiled from various sources and shared among all games in series.

Therefore, you can hear him too in AOF1 and AOF2 ^^
Jul 2 @ 8:31am
Imho, the Enslave and Bribe seem to be balanced quite well now: (i) Enslave is free, but has limited uses (1HP, once per battle) and adds negative trait (Enslave -3 Morale) and (ii) Bribe is costly, but can be used repeatedly and doesn't require much preparation (just come close to unit and capture it). Actually, there is another one - (iii) "Possess" which is available in Demons campaign (AOF2). Plus there are specialised 'Command' spells.

All of those skills are quite unique and difficult to compare against each other as this can be argued in many ways. However, those are not the core mechanics for getting units in AOF series. There are currently six available factions, each one having their own campaign - that's the way of getting a Paladin. Each faction is quite distinctive on its own and has its own weaknesses and strengths.

As you could notice there is also team Morale system giving penalties for mixing too many units from other factions. If there were no penalties, e.g. team of Liches with Ballistas shielded by trolls and supported by Drider Warriors is pretty much invincible and removes all challenge from game.

Maybe some day I will merge all campaigns into one and implement mix-and-match approach, but the current design is like above for the sake of balance and story.

Elementals as well as Contructs and Beasts are fitting every army - those were designed as a filler, but they are not that powerful (with exception of Iron Golem maybe) and you can do better with the best units from your faction.

As for mercenaries - it's possible to do that by modding. Check shared-undeadguild.xml file for a straightforward example. Nectomancer can be bribed/enslaved and there are few in game. Also, there is Divine Cross which adds Resurrection to hero's spells.

Thank you for your detailed feedback, I hope I answered everything here :)
Jul 1 @ 7:35am
In topic Questions
With the engagementdisadvantage i actually mean that you are at an disadvantage for taking the initiative..that the optimal start for both armys is to stay away from each other and let the other move into attack range first so that he wastes AP with movement while you can spent all AP for attacks
Here is no AP - unit can move, move and melee, shot (ranged attack) or use some spell. It will make sense once you start playing.

What do you mean with ,,you can always grind your way,,?What kind of grind?

You should be able to finish all story missions without need for grind (fighting random battles). However, in case some mission is too hard (or when you want to increase strength of team or capture some type of enemy unit), then you can get experience via random battles. But then the story missions will adjust their difficulty a bit too.
Jul 1 @ 7:09am
In topic Questions
Originally posted by Terrarius:
1:Is it linear campeign style with a few sidemissions or xcom style where you are more in a sandbox with storymissions as sidecontent and the possibility to totaly lose the campeign if you mess up too much?
There is a sequence of ca. 10 missions you have to finish to end game.
However, almost everything else you can play in any order you want which is ca. additional 20 missions + procedurally generated battles.

2:Should i start with 1 and 2 or go straight to 3?
No need for it.
There is lore in all games which builds a story - starting from AOF1 will just give you better handle of story in series, that's it.

3:How does the game deal with the engagementdisadvantageproblem of turnbased games:the one that moves into attackrange first is at an disadvantage because the enemy gets to attack him first
Nothing like that here. If so, you will be disadvantages when attacking first (as you go into range of spells/ranged attacks), but attacking first gives you first strike in melee.
I think it's pretty balanced.

4:How replayable is the series?
The heroes are the same, but you can get random items and there are procedurally generated battles. The heroes are configured by items, so there is no linear track how hero will evolve.
There are multiple units and it's unlikely you will try all strategies and possible combos. Moreover, you can capture enemy units, thus there are virtually endless teams and strategies you can try.

In brief - depends how do you want to play: you can finish each campaign once or keep exploring (there is a large number of shared side-missions).

5:How is the deph and balance especialy compared to other TBC games like xcom?
I think it's pretty good now. The series has been developed over the last seven years.

6:How is the AI?
Superb. Really superb :)

7:can you replay missions and are the infinite RNG missions?(thats a con for means that no matter how much you mess up,you can just grind recources to buy back.Xcom gets away with it because you can,t go back to the easy ones ...darkest dungeon fails because death just means grind as you can just go back to novice dungeons to grind backup...that kinda takes the tension out of permadeath,insted it makes death just annoying.
The ,,,oh *** how am i going to win the grand game without that badass unit that carryed me,, to ,,damm,now i need to spent several hours in the easy novice missions to grind a new unit to his level,,)

Missions cannot be replayed - once you lose, you lose. If you win and lose important units, then they are gone forever (in most cases). However, if story missions are too hard, you can always grind your way (or lower difficulty mid-game). I think it's a good solution - depending on your skills/luck you will go faster or slower, but there shouldn't be deadlocks.
Jun 30 @ 1:19am
Bribe is more like a optional tool to add completely different units to your faction. As such it offers very different skills which can really enrich your team. For example capturing few monks will allow to heal your greenskins - and this might really change your strategy. Therefore, bribing units should be expensive.

However, I have added this parameter to game engine:

(add line to config.properites in %appdata%/Age-of-Fear-3/ folder)
It will be in the next patch, then you can set it to 0.5 or even lower value and check if that suits you better ^^
Jun 29 @ 5:52am
As for bribe:
Dryad Sorceress is ca. 1.8k gold. When you bribe her, you are getting 1.8k value of units and enemy loses 1.8k of value of units. Therefore you are changing battle ca. +4k in your favour.

Enslave works only on 1HP units, thus you are not getting much value at this point. Also, there is a limit of 1 use per battle.
Jun 29 @ 5:49am
Dwarves Engineers were originally more squishy (3hp), but they were dying too fast to be useful (especially in campaign mode where players just don't like losing units). But I think I agree then Defence could be lowered now (to make them a bit more vulnerable)

When you are playing vs. AI is does lots of stupid things like charging towards flamethrowers :)
Burning exceptionally large group of enemies is quite satisfying, so I left it out for a purpose.

If you play vs. human player (hopefully meaning multiplayer will arrive one day!), then the flamethrowers are not that useful anymore - their low speed and short range is their demise.
Try to play few procedurally generated battles, where AI has few ranged units - you will see what I mean when they will pick you from afar ^^.

So yh, they are a bit unbalanced unit, but quite fun to play (burn baby, burn!).

But as aways - I might be wrong and we welcome any feedback!
Jun 29 @ 1:48am
Originally posted by ChaosKhan:
Originally posted by Les:

That's v-good point - I must have been sleeping when designing Water Elemental
Thank you for highlighting it - it will be fixed in the next patch.

Well, it is only this one Elemental in this one battle, so I was kinda nitpicking there anyway. :D Honestly, I already wanted to delete my post, but you just react too fast. :steammocking:

No worries - it took me exactly 17.34 seconds to update that :-D
Probably shorter than writing an answer to post, lol
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