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I do not add suspicious, private (+private inv) or VAC Banned accounts .
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Summer is here!
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Please read this before doing anything else thx
Quick note, I am a collector and I buy to keep. You can try, no one is going to get hurt if you ask, but don't expect any results.

Haven't seen an impersonator yet, but, just a friendly reminder - This is my only account for TF2, I do not have any other accounts for trading.

Try to send me trade offers, instead of adds (unless you want to discuss), and if you add me leave the reason in comments. thx

Trade offer link:

And my backpack on

21.8. 2022
A side note (not that anyone cares about me, but... whatever), I am taking a break from TF2, due to... personal reasons. How long? I don't know... Half a year probably? More? Less? I just feel unwanted, tossed away, overall betrayed... and I need time to focus on myself / uni anyway...

If you want to trade me or something, I will log on my second account from time to time, so I will see the add or message, I just won't play the game.

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man can we sponsor you
Dante (Burza) Mar 8 @ 4:41am 
added to offer
Capt. Scrumpy Jan 9 @ 9:06am 
Added about the Ghastly Ghosts RPS taunt if you're willing to sell it
Axe Man Jan 7 @ 5:57am 
Added to offer on your burning tough guy, if that’s alright I mean
JustSause Jan 1 @ 8:39pm 
I ran over a woman in 2006
Orc_estrion Nov 24, 2022 @ 10:27pm 
Sent a request to discuss your Halloween Fire Phlog. Years ago I was scammed out of that special Phlog, back before I knew better. Little goal of mine is to try to get my old items back, and this is one of the most important. Would like to see if I could purchase it to reunite with it legit.