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6:02 PM - Fisty McAssplug: A1 Steak sauce
6:09 PM - S71CKYR1C3 entered chat.
6:12 PM - futon hazard: good
6:13 PM - S71CKYR1C3: good
6:13 PM - Meiji: good
6:13 PM - king gen flippy: good
6:13 PM - vhans: good
6:14 PM - Fisty McAssplug: good
6:14 PM - Fisty McAssplug: I am glad we can all agree
6:14 PM - dev: bad
6:15 PM - dev was kicked by Meiji.
6:15 PM - king gen flippy: yes
6:15 PM - Meiji: yes
6:15 PM - Fisty McAssplug: Hmm good

2:35 AM - Fisty McAssplug: took a fat piss
2:35 AM - Fisty McAssplug: nice I have successfully digusted myself
2:35 AM - toilet hazard: ur werid
2:35 AM - Fisty McAssplug: a fat piss
2:35 AM - toilet hazard: well done
2:35 AM - toilet hazard: proud homo

holy fuck my ass reeks
D11 - Today at 3:58 AM
did you just like
bend yourself so you can smell your ass
Fisty McAssplug - Today at 3:58 AM
wouldnt you
D11 - Today at 3:58 AM
oh for fuck's sake
D11 - Today at 3:59 AM
i bet she smells like putrid autism

Fisty McAssplug - Today at 2:50 PM
i love my station
D11 - Today at 2:50 PM
i hate my life

3:15 PM - Cordelia: nice
3:17 PM - Fisty McAssplug: Yeah
3:17 PM - Fisty McAssplug: She is nice
3:17 PM - Fisty McAssplug: Fun as fuck
3:17 PM - Fisty McAssplug: her SMG is like WHAT
3:17 PM - Fisty McAssplug: The best roaming gun since Jager's SMG
3:18 PM - Cordelia: アfdsghs尾
3:18 PM - Cordelia: oh fuck help
3:18 PM - Cordelia: my keboard langue changed tojapnes
3:18 PM - Fisty McAssplug: hmm
3:18 PM - Cordelia: i manged toget lain letters
3:18 PM - Cordelia: aあdさdさ
3:18 PM - Fisty McAssplug: Permanent vapor wave memespeak
3:18 PM - Cordelia: l
3:18 PM - Cordelia: i dont want any
3:19 PM - Cordelia: it cus off letters at random too
3:19 PM - Cordelia: oh my god i fixed it
3:20 PM - Fisty McAssplug: Haha
3:21 PM - Fisty McAssplug: holy fuck MVP again

2:08 AM - shrimp: like what u see? ;)
2:08 AM - shrimp: (;

3:50 AM - shrimp: get more ass than an erp fiend

4:57 AM - Mr. Susher: this is why
4:57 AM - Mr. Susher: tumblr needs to smash gender roles
4:57 AM - Mr. Susher: so I can wear cute girly shit

8:38 AM - Fisty McAssplug: and it made person think I am smart
8:38 AM - Fisty McAssplug: I am mega smart though so he probably just mistook it as me being normal
8:38 AM - cutie: modesty is a virtue
8:38 AM - Fisty McAssplug: lol you pronounced it wrong
8:38 AM - Fisty McAssplug: it's majesty to you
8:39 AM - cutie: smelt that one a mile away

5:56 PM - Fisty McAssplug: I know im going to be bored out of my ass
5:56 PM - Fisty McAssplug: because of this fucking GPU dying
5:57 PM - sorrymasen: jack off instead that doesnt take many teraflops

wib - 03/14/2017
i'm fuckin out for blood

I'm sleaping , oh...Yeah
Today is very very hapiness ,so cute is Sachiko
I like tarabagani,very derisious
Yeah!!! I can't speak English!!!!!
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pagi Jul 11 @ 8:28am 
on the gang you aren't ready to see me buss down
Ansen Jul 11 @ 5:27am 
You only tell people to buss down but when will you buss down yourself
pagi Jul 8 @ 8:05am 
please buss down i'll do anything to see you buss down
Fisty McAssplug Jul 1 @ 12:03pm 
pagi Jun 26 @ 9:10am 
i really want to see you buss down
Ansen Jun 24 @ 6:21pm 
[Hook: Gucci Mane]
You betta not lose that load
Don't lose that load
Don't lose that load
You betta not lose that load
♥♥♥♥♥ I got blow
And I sell dope
I know El Chapo
I cannot lose no load
You betta not lose no load (x4)

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
I ain't gonna lie, I lost the load