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Originally posted by chai:
Thanks, nice find!
Awesome, thanks! I finished, and uploaded the Hungarian translation to the Steam Workshop (updated to
The "Empty slot" text is not translatable.
Should I check them again, and include any missing Hungarian characters? It really looks weird this way.
And in the comics, the Hungarian characters are replaced with characters from Arial.
Just to clarify:
Here it says "Elhagyatott haz" at the top. It should show "Elhagyatott ház"
Hey guys, so which fonts are used for:
1. the comics
2. the loading screen, when entering a place

Because in these 2 cases the Hungarian characters are replaced with Arial or without accent.
I sent you 4 modified font files in April. Were they not integrated yet, or are these some new fonts?
Jun 6 @ 4:14am
In topic Dear devs, localization?
By the way, thanks for sharing it before the update goes live :)
Jun 5 @ 1:41pm
In topic Dear devs, localization?
@Peter, since I couldn't edit the file you shared directly, here is the file, updated with the Hungarian translation, separately:
May 26 @ 3:54am
In topic Hungarian localisation?
Originally posted by boadle:
No plans for Hungarian right now, but thanks for reaching out.
I'd be willing to do it for free, as I've done it before for dozens of games on Steam (or for maybe a few copies of the game after the translation is finished).
May 23 @ 8:00am
In topic Hungarian localisation?
Originally posted by newhewkas:
Up! ;)
Köszi, hátha lesz belőle valami :)
May 22 @ 12:35pm
In topic Hungarian localisation?
Dear devs,

Since the game already includes 10 languages, I was wondering, if there's a possibility, I could offer my help and translate the game to Hungarian?

I've been working on videogame localisations for 9 years now (you can check my previous work here:
I've been working on the Hungarian translation of Edge of Eternity for a while now (as of now, I'm currently 68% complete).
Thought I'd share a few screenshots about my progress.

(Obviously this is a raw translation now, so anything could change in the future).
Apr 18 @ 11:25am
In topic Localization into Hungarian
Originally posted by Noostyche:
The update was released:

I want to send a little present. I need your email.
Yeah, just saw the news. My email is zsolt(dot)brechler(at)gmail(dot)com
Okay, so I finally sent the modified files to you :)
Originally posted by chai:
Ah wow mate, that's amazing!

Yes if you could email those over press[at]ballisticinteractive[dot]com, we'll be able to include that for next update!

Also please note which letters you patched, so we can keep track of things.

Lovely work thelostprophet :)
I'll send it this weekend, because I'm not at home at the moment.

One thing I wanted to ask: if you check the picture I posted, the EQUIPMENT text is not in the localization file. Is it a picture, or was left out of the files? Can it be translated?
Okay, I tinkered around with font files (modified them a bit), so now they have every Hungarian character.

If the devs need them, I can send it.
So I tried out the translation (thanks a lot by the way), but some Hungarian characters, like á é ő ű etc. are missing from the fonts (mainly the font used in the character screen).

Could I get the font files in TTF or OTF format? I can add any missing characters asap, and send it back to you.
Apr 4 @ 1:25pm
In topic Localization into Hungarian
Apr 4 @ 12:51pm
In topic Dear devs, localization?
Hey Peter!
I updated the Hungarian translation for the latest patch:

Can you integrate this, because the current one in the game looks like an old translation (a few months old) + Google Translate (which wasn't me).

I'm still available, if I can get the new texts max. 1 day before the patch, I can update it quickly.
Apr 2 @ 5:29am
In topic Localization into Hungarian
Is there a code for the beta channel?
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