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I trade my cards for other cards with the following rules:

Cards ( 1:2 Trades Only )
1 of my cards for 2 of your cards
2 of my cards for 1 of your booster packs
1 of my foil cards for 2 of your foil cards
2 of my cards for 1 foil of yours

I trade 1:2 only ( you are not a special exception ).

If you don't like 1:2, I completely understand - we do not need to trade with each other.

However, many people are happy to trade 2 unwanted cards for the 1 card they need and want to complete a Badge. So, rather than adding the minimum funds required to their account, or listing and waiting to sell, or selling an item so low to get a quick sale, while also incurring some loss of item value through associated sale costs - 1:2 seems reasonable to them.

So 1:2 it is then - you can find my Direct Trade link at the top of my profile. I'll try to respond as quick as possible, but remember it's a 24 hour world. I maintain my right to counter any offer.

These rates are firm. Cards must atleast have the same value as my card. For Foils valued at + $.35 contact me for a better offer.

Wallpapers & Emoticons

2 of my Wallpapers or Emoticons for 1 2:1
1 of my Wallpapers for 2 of yours 1:2
1 of my Emoticons for 2 of yours 1:2 (Excludes a few that I use)


Over 50 other Games (for games) in my Inventory that are up for trade - please check if interested.

I trade ( TF2 /CSGO/DOTA2) for Your

1 for 60 (I do not accept that are worth less than $.07/.08)

My Games for Your or

(.5 = 1 Tour of Duty Ticket or any 30 )

Some Offers

Saint's Row Franchise Pack - 308 or 7
Omerta - City of Gangsters - 176 or 4
Tropico Reloaded - 66 or 1.5
Total War Grand Master Collection - 1980 or 45
Half-Life 2: Episode Two - 88 or 2
Space Farmers - 66 or 1.5

Troll offers and In-game item offers will get you blocked.

I do not accept trades that include in-game items from DOTA2, CS:GO, or TF2. I don't have any use for these things so don't waste your time or mine. Thanks!

I am taking any of your for any of my coupons.

Sometimes I might make a counter offer. You are free to accept/decline as you choose but treat me with the same respect that I treat you.

Tip: Do you know - If your Inventory is set to "Private" - a potential trader CAN NOT send you a Counter Offer to your Trade, often having no choice but to Decline..... However, if your Inventory is set to "User or "Public" - if necessary THEY CAN COUNTER your Trade Offer choosing something agreeable to both parties. Profile -> Edit Profile -> My Privacy Settings... User or Public

Remember, there are gamers, traders, and entepreneurs. Each type place different values on different things. A good trade is when both parties are happy with what they get and its my goal to make GOOD trades. Happy gaming!

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