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2016-2018 --> Head 2d artist for Toontown Offline
2017-2018 --> Member of Project: Bluestreak
2017-2018 --> Moderator for QuackityHQ Discord
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As a graphic designer, my entire career exists because I was able to pirate Photoshop 4 years ago.


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Toontown Rewritten

Toontown Rewritten Stats (outdated) [imgur.com]
:csgoskull: As of 6/2/2016, I am terminated from Toontown Rewritten.:csgoskull:

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Roboton | U R Everything 19 de Out às 23:59 
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Hokkie 19 de Out às 6:57 
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:The_Ball::fakecoloursgameicon::tiselements:| CONFUSING RIDDLE:
Q: Why don't Scotsmen ever have coffee the way they like it?
A: Well, they like it with two lumps of sugar. If they drink
it at home, they only take one, and if they drink it while
visiting, they always take three.
Echo 15 de Out às 17:12 
deal 10 paper bags and 1 plastic one for your whole tf2 backpack
Echo 14 de Out às 19:11 
i'll give you 2 ref for you whole tf2 backpack, if you want i could throw in a paper bag
grifinn 14 de Out às 12:34 
:hana1::hana2: This hoes ain't loyal smh :hana1::hana2: