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Posted: Nov 25, 2015 @ 4:28pm
Updated: Jan 22, 2016 @ 10:50pm

Team Fortress 2 was my first FPS Game. From playing TF2, it has given me a chance to practice and get better at FPS games with several different classes. TF2 is a great game to practice and start using FPS games.

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Overall: Fantastic

* Fun combat cartoony graphics
* " Noob " Friendly, welcomes new people to FPS Multiplayer games.
* Addicting
* Servers are clean, rarely any modders/hackers
* Many different unique classes to choose from

* Although it's F2P, you are going to want to buy.
* Many weapons / contracts are locked, forcing you to buy them.
* Just, F2P Nightmares
* Updates aren't the best as they were before
* They're changing some outlooks of the weapons, throwing some people off.

Overall, I would give this a 8.5~9/10.
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