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三菱電機 TO-ST1-Tussy Jul 4, 2017 @ 3:46pm 
You are fat though?
Will Jul 4, 2017 @ 2:26pm 
minecr'fat', obviously not aimed at me
三菱電機 TO-ST1-Tussy Jul 4, 2017 @ 1:54pm 
Minecraft is a good game smh
cpt_£.Spez¥a Jul 4, 2017 @ 11:02am 
this guys is actually retarded. unable to play dota2. go play minecrfat more noob
INSTASAMKA Aug 27, 2016 @ 1:49pm 
Lightweight champions,easy game,mom ♥♥♥♥♥♥
三菱電機 TO-ST1-Tussy Jun 26, 2016 @ 11:15am 
Life was hard being raised in Peru. Sometimes we wouldn't have enough money for potato. I love potato. I live for potato. Potato being taken away make me very sad. It made me beat my wife. She left me. I am now lonely. Thanks for nothing potato