Joseph Abou Samra   Mont-Liban, Lebanon
Don't believe everything you read online bro..
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A "Small" Overview!
Zaugr.: srry guys ever since i found out AJ's mom was a pornstar ive been downloading way too much porn. its probably my internet
AJ: I'd say the same thing about zaugr's mom, but dude, have you seen how hot his sister is?
Vulle: Link?
Piti: link?
Zaugr.: my sister is 8
AJ: /10
Piti: perfect age to start porn

Evowatch: izi pizi
Evowatch: don't make me regret this
AJ: You'll only regret it.. One time one time
Evowatch left, stopping matchmaking.

Evowatch: AJ dont you have your own saying?
AJ: im glad you asked me that after having a shitty round. It goes like:"
"Be Like Time, Don't Go Backwards"
*Evowatch Disconnects*

Information About Myself

_I'm a nice guy unless I've been having a bad day, but I'm also a kind of guy who would get tilted from a casual match.
_I mainly play CSGO.
_I don't mind scammers, add me all you want, good luck getting any shit out of me.
_Swiggity Swooty I'm Always Coming For That Booty.

My PC Specs

_Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
_Graphics: NVidia MSI GTX 960
_Motherboard: Z170-A PRO (MS-7971)
_Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 3.4 GHz
_RAM: 16 GB
_Headset: Razer Man-O-War 7.1
_Mouse: Razer Deathadder Chroma
_Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow X Chroma

Closest People To Me
*Not In Order*

_Kemal: Dude, I'll always have your back as I know that you'll always have mine.
_Zyann: Not this dutch c*nt.
_GmodBrah!: The unfortunate person who got stuck at silver. Plays better than me, yet still silver. You have another one of those P250s I can "borrow" again? xd
_Dimitar-James: Dude. I swear to got if we ever play together when either of us are close to ranking up, one of us is gonna end up dead. Win, Lose, Kys, and hfhf!
_Alizerap: Dude, just trust me ;3
_Collon704: Me-ow mix. Immak, LOL. Shou bek wle? Abaday? Ok. FGT. Where's the lazaga?
_Crowly: Oh not you. I remember when you unboxed that rare unusual then beat me in a 1 vs 1. Fak off m8. xd
_Evowatch: I see an emo? Icy Nemo...? Naaa, probably just
_Rabbit: Still playing tf2? Still pretending to be a girl? Still learning to rocket jump? Good Luck M9.
_Vulle: You dont speak much.. But I always know you mean a lot!
_Raven: *Burp*
_Jamie: Fun times, cool games! You're a cool guy m8 :) Hopefully we can play more!
_Daniel: You dude!
_Revamped: I don't know how you werent on this list before.. Dude, reinstall csgo already xd And don't worry, I haven't forgotten.
_Youssef: Kol Khara
_Mahmoud: Kol Khiriyten
_Zaugr: I never bottom frag. F*ck off.

Dream Skins

_Stat AWP Asiimov FT (W/ NameTag: AWPi-OH)
_Stat Glock Water Elemental FN
_Souvenir Tec-9 Toxic FN (NiP Game) (W/ NameTag: Tec-No C*ckix)
_Stat Five Seven Fowl Play FN
_Stat AK-47 Aquamarine FN
_Stat Gut Knife Chrimson Web MW or FN (W/ NameTag: Rias's Hair)
OR Gut Knife Doppler Ruby
_Stat USP- Caiman FN
_SSG-Blood In The Water
_Stat Sawed Off Wasteland Princess FN

Favorite And Most Commonly Used Emoticons

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- Raffle House - - Public Group
Welcome to - Raffle House -.
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can we hit 2 Likes :)
NsanE Jun 18 @ 1:42pm 
+rep surprisingly tight for a faggot
AJ Jun 16 @ 4:16am 
I see you found my profile
4rth time WILL be the charm
es0x QLF Jun 15 @ 5:09pm 
+rep good player ;)
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AJ Jun 4 @ 9:58pm