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Name:  Max
Nickname(s):  Reku,  Sora
Age:  22
Birthday:  29  September
Country:  Spain,  Madrid
Favorite  game:  osu! 
Status:  Single
Languages:  English,  Spanish

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SergiOL Jul 19 @ 2:23pm 
Buenas partidas en Tekken. Yo soy novato con tu personaje, estoy empezando a practicar.
Ultra Tchoin Jul 16 @ 4:35pm 
gg's, try to make your lows less obvious and you'll rank up :sm:
qt May 16 @ 10:00am 
one for all 1,000,000 percent...
Thuggin' Love Apr 27 @ 5:43pm 
oh my god learn a snake edge combo
K@TANA Apr 1 @ 7:03am 
yeah seems like synopsis is a retard :D +rep for the avatar
NeKo デーモン Mar 23 @ 11:23pm 
This may sound like I'm ♥♥♥♥ing wit u but I'm not. I was recently diagnosed with a terminal disease called cyroaudiovascularmalexia. Google it if u ain't believe me, but the point is I don't get enough blood flow to my ears so they are slowly freezing, and they will soon fall off and it will spread to my inner brain. There is no cure but there is one treatment. I need to warm my ears constantly to save my life and the only material soft enough is the inner thigh of a pretty girl. So I need u to sit on my face for medical reasons.