jaz   Germany
about me

»i hate smurfer so understand if i say sh*t to u if u smurfing for me smurfer are guys who cant play on there rank.
» Hobbies: Gaming.
» Language: German & English.
» favourite game:csgo.
» Country: Germany.
» no smurf accs.
»no faceit acc.
»no twitch,youtube.Co.

about steam:
»lvl 3

my rules:

»1.Dont write shi*t on my profile.
»2.i just accept friend requests where i m 100% sure i played with him or i know him from some where.

i using:

»mouse:glorious model 0
»keyboard:spc gear gk530 tournament kailh brown RGB
»headset:HyperX HX-HSCAC9-BL Cloud Alpha Cloud9 Edition

rank in csgo:
❌silver 1
❌silver 2
❌silver 3
❌silver 4
❌silver elite
❌gold nova 1
❌gold nova 2
❌gold nova 3
✔gold nova 4
✔mg2 current rank in mm
✔dmg current rank in wingman
❌ legendary eagle
❌legendary eagle master
❌supreme master first class
❌globale elite
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wer bist du?
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