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Definitely extremely addictive one, even with quite number of flaws at times still it's hard to quit :3

That would be summary , here are things that i love about this game.

1. Best thing , the bolt action in this game. All snipers & getting kills using them by any means are just aesthetically pleasing. Just gives immense gratification while hitting on the spot by quick peeks or by hitting running/moving targets or quick scopes or even hitting still targets even.
Too prove watch this video :- [Was able to hit this magical shot].
2. Next would be owning people by any means , 1 v 1 or 1 v 2 or 1 v squad even. Quick reaction kills are also pleasing to great extent. Even all guns have different mechanism & recoil patterns but mastering and handling them w/ right observation & learning is another part of this game which makes it great.
Here is the video for demonstration : -
3. Last would be , improvising one's decision making skills by learning the maps and live/on the spot judgement according to the drops of other teams & many other aspects of the game.

Many plays to get more & more kills or some for wins only and they mold their game play to achieve that but i/we play for fun by attaining all above mentioned things , just makes it more fun. Also then getting much kills in order or wins even are just additional contentment.

Negatives ? :- Which developing online game hasn't ? So we just focus on best/great part of this game only.

Hope you liked the review , feel free to comment !!
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