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All I play is heavy

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:dollarcash:Computer Specs:dollarcash:
Asus Prime Z370-A Motherboard
EVGA 6gb GeForce GTX 1060 SSC (GDDR5)
Intel Core i5 8600k
16gb TridentZ RGB DDR4
120gb SSD
1tb WD Blue Hard Drive
Corsair CX650M 650 Watt Power Supply
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Asus VG248 144hz Monitor
Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2
SteelSeries Sensei Raw
Razer Kraken & Blue Yeti w/ Pop Filter

God tier albums
Tyler, the Creator - Wolf
Justice - †
Nas - illmatic
Childish Gambino - Awaken, My Love!
The Avalanches - Wildflower
Steel Pulse - True Democracy
Porter Robinson - Worlds
Wutang Clan - Enter the 36 Chambers
Anderson .Paak - Malibu
Chance The Rapper - Acid Rap
Brock Hampton - Saturation II
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Team Fortress 2
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:reheart:S19 Steel Waterboys
:reheart:S20 Steel Seductive Nine
:reheart:S21 Steel Seductive Nine :t39trophy: 1st Place :t39trophy:
:reheart:S22 Silver Seductive Nine
:reheart:S23 Silver Dukk / Team9
:reheart:S24 Silver Zimbabwe eSports :burstcrystal: 4th Place :burstcrystal:
:reheart:S25 Silver Young Rich Ninjas (current)
:reheart:S22 Steel Gatorade Girls
:reheart:S23 Steel Orange Soda
:reheart:S24 Steel Sub uwu :t39trophy: 1st Place :t39trophy:
:reheart:S25 Steel Foot Loose
:reheart:S26 Platinum San Diago Padres Appreciation Club
:reheart:S27 Platinum Lightning Fast VCR Repair
:reheart:S10 Steel Rich and the Chiggas
:reheart:S12 Silver 420 Hitler Bots (2nd seed, lost week9 bc no one could show up)
:reheart:S13 Gold 420 Hitler Scalie Squad
:reheart:S14 Gold 420 Hitler Ksummer Kamp Krew

:MaxSkull: ESEA :MaxSkull:

:reheart: Ring me heavy any div, others silver and below :reheart:

:demoneyeball:Hackusations & Salt:demoneyeball:
since 10/8/16:demoticon:

Opal, the Spooky One : Boy, Lizard. You must really blow if you can't even win while hacking

*DEAD*(TEAM) matthewnem : our heavy is usein aimbot

SubChesire$ : he has silent aim fuckers
SubChesire$ : no he silent aim lol
Lightning_II left the game (Disconnect by user.)
SubChesire$ : he seemed sus too
SubChesire$ : in my match
SubChesire$ : when i spectatored him
SubChesire$ : that aim is just too good

nahj : the fact that you're so good at this game is not good
nahj : it's not a complement
nahj : fuck you, I bet you play all day

*DEAD* Mac Tonight : mmmm
*DEAD* Mac Tonight : that wasn't suspicious
*DEAD* Mac Tonight : yeah lol
*DEAD* Mac Tonight : im gonna have to report you
sneaky nigga : mac are you reporting lizard?
(TEAM) Mac Tonight : im thinking about it
*DEAD* Mac Tonight : you should buy the pro version of lmaobox
lizard : gg! :D
Mac Tonight : cheat2win :DDD
*DEAD* Mac Tonight : Fuck you
*DEAD* Mac Tonight : reported and banned
*DEAD* Mac Tonight : ur tf2 career is over

White Rice: you are so hard to stab dude lol

Reptiguru: because I came here to have a good time with my friends, and I have you come on here and drive them all off and focus the living shit out of me to the point where I had to drag my gf in here just to get a playable experience

k3ng : heavies hacking
k3ng : he sees spies
k3ng : kick plz
*DEAD* k3ng : dude heavies hacking
*DEAD* k3ng : lmao
k3ng : he can see invis spies
k3ng : kick plz
k3ng : u guys are dumb
*DEAD* k3ng : dude
*DEAD* k3ng : this niggas hacking
*DEAD* k3ng : u cant flick like that

*DEAD* Good muslim boy : hey heavy is your back hurting from all the carrying?
The Luggage : He's cheating ffs
*DEAD* Punani_Hunter_808 : look at this nigga spin around

President : Aimbot heavy on the other team, great server.
lizard : im legit
President : Kill yourself.

[T.S.R] Vetzrah : Lizard please turn off those hacks
[T.S.R] Vetzrah : I tested you for a good 5 minutes
*Vote called to kick me*
lizard : why?
Nuds| Trade.tf2 : fucking hacks

*DEAD*Vintage : I swear this heavy has eyes in the back of his head

*DEAD* Dr Mad : Why can't I hit this heavy
Dr Mad : I can shoot a scout with my nutsack and get a headshot but I can't put a single killing blow on that guy
got cups on my ears : because he's hacking, obviously...
got cups on my ears : fuck that heavy and fuck that medic with a cactus

8killernguyen8™ : Some one kick the cheater heavy on the other team

*DEAD* Qerupt : wat how
*DEAD* Qerupt : omfg that is impossible
Qerupt : bs
*DEAD* Qerupt : hacking
*DEAD* Qerupt : kick him
Qerupt : like omg so obvious
*DEAD* Qerupt : wow
*DEAD* Qerupt : omg
Qerupt : around the corner a mile
*DEAD* Qerupt : like how
*DEAD* Qerupt : aim
*DEAD* Qerupt : bot
*DEAD* Qerupt : has to be
*DEAD* Qerupt : never misses
*DEAD* Qerupt : knew it
Qerupt : walling
Qerupt : for shure
Qerupt : he preaimed arround a corner he didnt see
Qerupt : me go to
Qerupt : knew it
llizard34 {GEWP} : im psychic
Qerupt : ur cancer and ruining this game
Qerupt : just stop
Qerupt : ruining tf2
*DEAD* Qerupt : gg im done
Qerupt : nice hacks, and gg

*DEAD* ought : hes cheating kick him
*DEAD* ought : lizard is cheating
*DEAD* ought : he has nullcorecheat look at his motions its obvious
ought : this game doesnt count bc you wont kick yr hacker
ought : you hack bc you dk how 2 play vidyas

fneuner : lizard is a hacker and he knows it too

⚔️Rogue paladin⚔ : im not gonna fight lizard
⚔️Rogue paladin⚔: well i was having fun until you showed up
⚔️Rogue paladin⚔: instead you made the map into your prison

Ryutaa : Fuck you faggot sniper
Ryutaa : Nah just a faggot
Ryutaa : Anwers me nigga
Ryutaa : Turn that aimbot off

Nightingale : too bad you need hacks to win :)

*DEAD* 3: : how is it even possible you you to main heavy and still navigate the menu
*DEAD* 3: : like ur obv autistic
*DEAD* 3: : jesus fucki lizard how are you so fuckin gay
lizard : kill u agan, haha
3: : get out of my server u autistic man
*DEAD* 3: : holy fuck lizard quit playing crutch mains
*DEAD* 3: : why is spy so fuckin easy, not as easy as heavy
whydouglypeopletakeselfies? : could use those spies now to take out the kritz heavy...WILL IT HAPPEN ? .. no way
*DEAD* 3: : why are gay people in my game
*DEAD* 3: : get out
lizard : kill u agan, haha
3: left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Link : I think that heavy might be hacking
Bread : he is hacking for sure

Aoi Miyamori : hey other team, wanna kick ur kacker heavy?
Critical Kitten : lizard isn't hacking, I've been healing him
Aoi Miyamori : no, he's hitting everybody..

BLURD : lizard
BLURD : could be natural
BLURD : but i say hacks
BLURD : ill spec him
*DEAD* Somewhat Skilled Scout : who is hacking?
BLURD : lizard
BLURD : hes spinning around like hes locking on to a lot of people
*DEAD* BLURD : fucking hell lizard

*DEAD* Fangsalot : lizard are you aimbotting?
Fangsalot : That was some really good tracking otherwise

Griffenbear : lizard is aimbotting


keegadude : This lizard dude had perfect invis tracking lmao
Hardflip : true
*DEAD* SpotlightR : ur movement just sucks
*DEAD* keegadude : Spotlight
*DEAD* keegadude : He had PERFECT

*DEAD* The Faceless Gamer : yep,bot
The Faceless Gamer : dude is twitching onto people from behind walls
The Faceless Gamer : fatal flaw of aimbot: you can only aim towards one person at a time
*DEAD* The Faceless Gamer : ep,aimbot
*DEAD* The Faceless Gamer : not even hiding it now
The Faceless Gamer : reported
The Faceless Gamer : dude has twice the points of the second best and was caught cheating: not cheating
The Faceless Gamer : its not the score,that just backs up the actual evidence, the witness

*DEAD* xxlonegunmanxx : can you fucking not aimbot
xxlonegunmanxx : kick lizard
xxlonegunmanxx : aimbot ass motherfucker
xxlonegunmanxx : good job on the aimbot lizard you faggot

I'm with Fragger ❤ : lizard is cheating :p

Trolled ->>> : lizard is hacking
ruski : hes not hacking he just has a sad life and is way too good at this game

*DEAD* Scorch | Trade.Tf : lizard
Scorch | Trade.Tf : i gueniuely hope u die

*DEAD* madwolfajmj : lizard you are a god

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