Nikolas Wolfdog   Czech Republic
Bitch I'm that godzilla that you don't wanna start with
I bloody noses the crowd killa in the moshpit
When I enter into your life, it is a plot twist
Then end your story, you don't have no other option
Bring you into hell, then I go into your burial
Sad to say you going deeper down you know what area
Make it rain the fish and frogs, oh Jesus what a miracle
They bow to the dog because resistance was illogical
Spread my plague
Dead eye, rage
Drink the punch into my daze
Spread my plague
Rise from grave
Go tell mom, its not a phase
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Hey! Welcome to my profile!
About me!
Real name: Nikolas Vlček / Nikolas Wolfdog (translated)
Age: 17
I speak Czech and English.

I do this:

Favorite games (not in order):
Fallout series
Roblox (Just for fun with friends)
Company of Heroes
CS 1.6

And more games that i can't think of.
I don't really have a game that i would call "the best" or "most awesome", I just like certain games.

Please, don't ask me to play with you lmao.
My Steam

190 games.
over 4000 hours.
$1500 worth of games.
8 years old account.

I'm not really stuck to one style, i like to listen to all kinds of styles of music.
I like:
Bass House
Industrial metal
80' and 90' music.
I can go with pretty much anything.

Anime i saw:
Akame ga kill
Elfen lied
Kill La Kill
Plastic nee-san
Parasyte: The Maxim
Monster musume no iru nichijou
No Game No Life S1
Gakou Gurrashi!
kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo
kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo Season 2
Youjo Senki
Onepunch man
Tokyo Ghoul S1
Overlord S1, S2, S3
Artwork Showcase
Velial Squad
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