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The Auto Shop

After making contact with Oppy, plan your first route into the Zone from her Auto Shop
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 12:56pm

Into the Wilderness

Install the Zone Scanner above the Auto Shop
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 9:22pm

Investigate the Zone

Return to the Auto Shop after scanning five Anomalies or resources
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 9:24pm

A Leap of Faith

Successfully test Oppy's theory and return to her Auto Shop
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 2:21pm

Stabilizing the Route

Activate the Zone Stabilizers in the Outer Zone, and escape back to the Auto Shop
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 4:43pm

The Mid-Zone Crossing

Gain access to the Mid-Zone, and escape from there to the Auto Shop
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 1:13am

Hack the Planet!

Find Oppy’s secret hideaway in the Auto Shop, and deliver the hard drive she stashed in there to Francis and Tobias
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 1:17am

Long Haul

Drive an exceptional distance
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 11:11pm

Patent Pending

Invent something new after installing the Zone Scanner
Unlocked Jun 30 @ 8:40pm

DIY Expert

Unlock quite a few things in the Fabrication Station
Unlocked Jul 12 @ 12:46am

ARDA Record-Keeper

Discover 300 Logbook entries
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 3:26pm

Great Scott!

Reach 88mph
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 4:11pm

The Eye of the Storm

Escape through a Gateway after the storm has completely collapsed
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 10:30pm

Fully Outfitted

Equip or install something in every possible slot on the car
Unlocked Jul 11 @ 1:30am


Load enough items into your car to fill 150 inventory grid slots
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 12:46am

Personal Methods of Creative Expression are Highly Encouraged

Fully decorate your car by equipping one of each kind of cosmetic item, and applying a paint or decal to installed car parts in every possible slot
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 3:37pm

Juiced Up

Complete a run with at least two junctions, and with twice the anchor charge necessary to escape through the Gateway
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 3:27pm

It Would Take a Miracle

Complete a run with at least four junctions, and without breaking or removing any car parts
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 12:27am

Driver's Ed Dropout

Forget to put the car in drive before hitting the gas 20 times
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 1:12pm

Sleight of Hand

Distract an Anomaly with a light source
Unlocked Jun 29 @ 2:18pm

Certified Mechanic

Fix six status effects on the same car component
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 2:56pm

Car Whisperer

Diagnose and cure a Quirk
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 2:34pm

I Don’t Know What I Expected

Deconstruct a resource
Unlocked Jul 12 @ 12:53am

Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads

While driving, remain airborne for six seconds
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 9:02pm

Garage Barrage

Upgrade the Auto Shop into its prime
13 / 33

DIY Master

Unlock not everything, but really quite a lot of things in the Fabrication Station
73 / 131

ARDA Lorekeeper

Discover 600 Logbook entries
457 / 600

Scientific Pursuit

Scan an Anomaly while the storm is approaching

Fly Homeward

Escape through a Gateway while the car's wheels are airborne

Streets Ahead

Complete a run with at least seven junctions

Running on Empty

Complete a run with at least two junctions, and with the car always having a low or empty fuel tank

With the Top Down

Complete a run with at least three junctions, and without any panels, doors, or bumpers on the car at any point

No Parking

Complete a run with at least three junctions, and without the car ever being in park


Destroy 1,000 trees
426 / 1,000

They Weren't Using It

Liberate and equip a part from an abandoned car

Renewable Power

Fully charge a car battery from under 50% using only natural energy sources

Just Walk it Off

Get electrocuted, acid-burned, and physically hurt all within a minute

Et tu?

Get hit hard by your car

Watch Out for Hop-ons!

Drive several miles with a Bunny on your car

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