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Posted: Apr 13, 2021 @ 4:47am

Early Access Review
This game has a great aesthetic that is ruined by whatever sadist balanced the gameplay.
The juggle of food+water+shark very quickly becomes pure tedium. It's not difficult, it's just busy work; You can set your watch to the shark attacks they're just constant.
You lose all your inventory when you die unless a teammate revives you. What kind of crap is that? Quality single player experience, there.
The game auto saves when you die, only 1 save, you can not have a backup save game because we wouldn't want you to enjoy your experience, no you're in our torture machine and you will take it.
Your tools are not repairable, you just have to continually rebuild them, and they don't last long. And they're expensive if you want ones that aren't trash.
Growing does not yield a net positive in seeds (at least for palm trees), which is like, not how growing things works.. in general...
Let's see here.. what else..
The weather is purely visual; Even though the entire deck of the raft can be underwater it doesn't matter your fires keep going and your boxes are fine, storms are nothing but a slight annoyance.
There is no reason to actually build any more of a raft than just a platform to put down a few crafting items, i.e. there's no reason to build a roof over your head or any kind of actual shelter.
The game will stick you with busy work collecting random sea junk for hours before you can even BEGIN the story. Basically just be prepared to just be building a raft to survive on for hours before you have any clue of any direction in the game.
There's no real rewards; Rare loot involves things like a shoe you can place on your raft, and a light source that doesn't produce light.

In the end I just wanted a nice casual Raft experience but this is a pure torture simulator.
I'm a regular Rust player. I know torture. This is torture.
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