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"aoe 2 : joan of arc"

"Game Over: Indigo Prophecy"
": "And that's how my story ends , bioware ended mass effect 3 without any proper logic or thinking , i will never know what happened on that fateful day as far as the rest of the crew and fans are concerned it was indoctrination"

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One of the best tycoons related to airlines is on steam at last . It is kinda strange to see the first game release after the second game. So going to divide my Review on the game into 3 simple parts
A) The game Airline tycoon
This game was released during 1998,deluxe[2003] during the time there was thirst for tycoon games so this made out pretty good , Breaking down everything complex . This is a tycoon game where you are one of the owners of a airline company , you get to choose one among 4 companies and do missions where the airport manager sets a specific task as the mission goal.
Unlike most tycoon games that tend to get serious with max info and mechanics AT1 takes a simple humorous approach.
- Initial missions are setup so that you can learn the various aspects of the game
- There is more than one way to win a mission, if you want you can take down your competitors and become sole survivor.
- From reading newspaper in the airport to sabotage it has everything you can imagine.
- Sweet music
Overall its a fun tycoon game that can satisfy anyone playing it there is also the freeform mode where you can play without any goals, multiplayer if you can get it work. The graphics presentation hides the complexity of the game so its easier for new players to play the game
B) Airline Tycoon Deluxe VS Airline Tycoon 2 Gold
Now on the steam store you will find there are two game with the name airline tycoon , The second is the sequel to the first game released by kalypso. It makes me extremely sad to talk about this sequel because it is a terrible experience, Instead of Improving the first game this sequel got everything wrong and made it worst and terrible. Needless to say airline tycoon deluxe is the final iteration of the game vs airline tycoon 2 gold which is the final version of the sequel.
I have ripped upon the second game more than once but will post why the first game is better
- AT 1 has a better presentation and ui compared to the jumbled basic terrible stuff AT2 has.
- The planes used in AT1 have real names aka Boeing , airbus etc so you know what is good and what is bad. AT2 features computer generated random names 486 dx 2 is a plane name////
- AT 1 Despite being released in 1998 looks nice and plays better (if compatibility is set properly) AT2 runs like garbage on any system and looks terrible.
- AT deluxe has a lot of features content wise , AT 2 gold just added the features in AT 1 as dlc.
So yeah Airline Tycoon 2 was a disaster of a sequel none of us AT 1 fans wanted to see but at least we have the first game back.

C. Game compatibility with modern systems

-Unfortunately No doubt that Airline Tycoon deluxe is a awesome game but , The game is over 10 years old so no doubt there will be issues with it running on modern systems and newer os.
Sadly The game engine itself has a certain limits of the time as in it runs in around 20-30fps an can slowdown when there is too much on screen. Aka a lot people in the airport etc.
-Also Frequent multiple saving is recommended the game itself will save at the end of each day but sometimes the game will crash for no reason , The instances where i have seen it happen are a)music change b) sometimes the game will crash no matter what you do it could be due to a specific even but event if you restore save it will crash again at the same time aka lets say game crashed at Monday 16.20 , if you restore again it will crash at the same time. hence multiple saves is recommended.
- The game original developers are long gone so fixes and patches are hard to come by.

If you can get this game to work , Its one of cult classic tycoon games that will kill time quickly.
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